Six Months in Heaven

Sorry, this is the last of my story, but there is a new story up called The Locket. It is about a girl and her dead boyfriend who died in the fire and a locket that he gave her. Please tell me if this is a good idea. I have only half of my story wiritten. :( GIMMY IDEAS!
I was about to make the wedding chapter but i desided to leave it like it is because i think that it is better as is. sorry, dont hate me :) plz comment!!!! I need to know if im good enough for yall :) plz
~ <3 u all

Chapter 3

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Its been almost a year that Max and I have been living in the same hotel that my generous friend provided for us. I never dreamed that I would get into a fight with the man that I loved.
The whole world loved me! I was all alone with the guy of my dreams for six months, hopefully longer than that. I don’t really remember what happened, and how it all happened, I just remember being really mean to him that night, and although it has been over five years, I still regret, that one moment, that caused me to lose the man that I loved.
“I am not here for just another stupid summer fling!” I yelled.
“You know I love you!” He yelled back, pleading. I was already at the door. The neighbors on vacation were banging on our wall to tell us to shut the hell up!
“I’m sorry, you hurt me too much, and—“I had nothing else to say to the man that broke my heart. I have already made up my mind. All that I could think of doing was throwing the necklace he gave me right at his face.
I ran out the door and called Jess. “Can you pick me up, please? I broke up with Max.” I crocked, crying.
“Yah, no problem. Where are you?”
“I am still at the hotel.”
“Be right there.” I was waiting for half an hour, not that I am complaining, that was faster than I expected. I cried the whole time, thank full that Max didn’t come out running.
I quickly grabbed my jacket and ran out the door. I had to pick up John from preschool. Running into my car, I drove the rout I already memorized. John’s preschool was only a mile up from where we lived. It was a nice town, too. The people are nice, greeting you when you walk by.
“Hey, Miss Jess.” I said to my best friend, who oddly enough, worked at John’s preschool. “How was he today?”
“He was fine; he is one of the most obedient of all of my kids. There is just one thing that worries me. He was asking for his father.”
I flinched as the painful memories of my few months after college came back. I didn’t know what to say. I had to hold the tears back because my son was running towards me; I didn’t want to scare him.
“Mommy, Mommy!” He yelled, running full speed to hug me.
“Hi, Pumpkin!” I said holding him up and kissing him. “Were you a good boy for Miss Jess?”
“Yes! Yes! Yes!”
“Ready to go home?” I asked, he nodded, “Ohh, Miss Jess… we’ll see you for dinner?”
I set John in his car seat and I sat behind the weal. I drove home and started dinner. I heard John laugh at something he was watching on TV, which made me laugh. I started a pot of boiling water and poured in my noodles and made my mom’s special dressing, mixed in some green beans and canned corn. Made a salad and set the table. My beliefs of being a vegetarian didn’t change. I put hummus on the table for John to get some protein, or whatever, that I learned from my mom’s old parenting books.
I heard a knock on the door, followed by a bark. “Hey, Max—,“ Ohmygosh! “Err, John go get the door with me!” I said a little hoping John didn’t catch his father’s name slip in there “I think Miss Jess brought her dog!”
“Oh! Golly!” He said, and I laughed.
“Hey, Jess!” I said giving her a hug, silently telling her of the mess up that I just made with the names. “Dinner is right this way!” I said, leading them all to the kitchen. I put John in his high chair and put his dinner on a plate.
We all ate dinner, and Jess even complained about there being no meat. At promptly eight o’clock I carried John upstairs to go to sleep. I laid him down on his bed and kissed him good night.
“Mommy, who is my daddy?” This shocked me, I didn’t think that he worried about that too much. I think that I would rather answer the question ‘Mommy, were do babys come from?’ For that, at lease, I know what to tell him.
“You are too young to know now, sorry, bunny.”
“Who is Max?”
“No one.” Was my only response. I kissed him on the fore head and ran downstairs before he could see me cry.
“Jess!” I squeaked, scaring her with my cry. “He is asking about his father. He just asked me who Max is.”
“How about we turn the news on, it will get your mind off of things.” She grabbed the remote and clicked it to channel nine.
“Breaking News: A man is the victim of a motorcycle ‘hit and run’. Police just released information of his name. Max Christopher.” Up came a picture of Max. “He is staying at the St. Christopher’s Hospital, only family welcome. If you know anything about the ‘hit and run’ please contact the Miami Police hotline, you may remain anonymous, 1-800-693-0987.”
“Oh, no!” Jess exclaimed, “You’re not thinking of going?!”
“Jess, I have to! Soot! We don’t have any passports! It’s all the way up in Pennsylvania! I guess we’ll have to drive!”
“When you say we—“
“I mean you, me, John, and your dog.” She gave me a look that said it all ‘are you kidding me’. “Please! We have to go! John has to meet his father.” Of course, that was an excuse. I needed to see him.

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