Six Months in Heaven

Sorry, this is the last of my story, but there is a new story up called The Locket. It is about a girl and her dead boyfriend who died in the fire and a locket that he gave her. Please tell me if this is a good idea. I have only half of my story wiritten. :( GIMMY IDEAS!
I was about to make the wedding chapter but i desided to leave it like it is because i think that it is better as is. sorry, dont hate me :) plz comment!!!! I need to know if im good enough for yall :) plz
~ <3 u all

Chapter 2

Love life and be loved...

Love is the emblem of eternity;
it confounds all notions of time;
effaces all memory of beginning,
all fear of an end.

- Madame de Stael -
I walked with Max on the beach, feeling the rough, but warm, sand on my feet. Max put his arm around my waist, placed his hand in my back pocket, and stopped to turn me around and kiss me.
“Zoey,” He said, abruptly, “I – I never stopped loving you. I’m love with you Zoey Helion.” I was brain dead; all of the memories of when we dated came flooding back. I through my arms around his neck and pressed body close to him, were mine fit perfectly.
“I—” I trailed off; tears stopped me from thinking clearly. I don’t know if I love him, I know that his words were true, he does love me.
“No,” he pulled back to look straight into my eyes, “you don’t have to say it back. I don’t what you to say something that you don’t mean.”
I rested my forehead against his and looked into his eyes. They were like a vortex. As soon as I looked into his dark eyes, my thoughts vanished, and all I wanted to do is stay here forever looking into his eyes. Bringing my hand up to rest on his cheek, I used my thumb to outline his lips. If I wasn’t sure before, I am now.
“I love you.” Is all that I said, that was enough for him.
“Let’s go!” He said.
“Were to?”
“Our room.”
Holding hands we all but ran to the hotel. Shutting the door to out suit and changing the door handle sign to busy, we started to ki/ss. As soon as I was breathless and gasping, his lips moved from mine, but still didn’t leave my skin. He left a trail of kiss/es coming down my neck and to my shoulders, moving away the strap of my tank-top. Every time that his lips touched my skin, it left a burning mark.
Slowly, he pulled my shirt down and exposed my br/a. Moving back to my lips he worked on undoing my pants. He gave me a few seconds of breathing to get a con/dom, which is when I realized that he also managed to get his clothes off, and he left a trail of our cloths from the door to the bed.
Moving my hands across the flat panels of his chest, he slid his hands down my back and undid my br/a. We started to kiss again, he left another trail of kiss/es down my neck, but this time not stopping at my shoulders, he moved down towards my br/east and back up to my mouth.
I did the last of the work, stripp/ing off his bo/xers; this gave him the opportunity to go in me. He held himself up so I could feel his body on me, but so I do not feel any of his weight. He sighed my name and I moaned.
We lay cuddled together, still na/ked, both breathless. We are just laying here with nothing to say. He is playing with my hair, kissing my head occasionally. I heard my phone beep from across the room. It was a text.
“Go, its okay. You can answer whoever that is. We still have dinner reservations for six.” He said eyeing the clock, which read five fifteen.
“When did you get us dinner reservations?” I asked, but he never answered. I walked over to where I heard the ringing of my phone. It was Jess.
~~~~Hey, how’s it going with Max?~~~~
So she had to interrupt us for that? I clicked the ‘respond to message’ button.
~~~~So that’s what you wanted to ask me? We were in the middle of something important!~~~~
I added a wink face at the end, to give her a hint. Before she responded I went to the suit case and looked for something to were. BEEP.
~~~~Ohmygosh! You two were--? But you two just met! This isn’t like you?!~~~
I found a sleek, strapless, red cocktail dress that made me look skinnier than ever. I rummaged through the suit case to see what shoes Jess packed and slipped on a pair of black stilettos. Looking up I saw Max ready to go. Quickly, I typed in my last message.
~~~He was my ex-boyfriend from high school. He told me that he loves me and I felt it back, and well, it happened! I have to go! Bye!~~~
“Are you ready to go?”
“What, no comment on how beautiful I look?” I asked, rolling my eyes.
“Well, I saw you naked, so there is no comparing to that.” He said with a cute smile. “But you are beautiful.” He added.
“So where are we going for dinner?”
“Some place I think you will approve of!” He said, but didn’t answer any further. There was a limo waiting for us out front.
He was right; this is a place that he would approve of. We walked into Emerald’s Restaurant, one of the most expensive restaurants in town. We followed the waitress to our table and sat down.
“Would you like to hear our specials?” Asked the waitress, not even bothering for our answers, she continued, “The Crab and Mushroom Soup is my favorite. I would recommend it.” She handed us out menus.
“Do you have anything vegetarian?” Asked Max and pointed to me.
“Oh, right here!” She told me and pointed to a section on the lower right of the menu. “Would you like anything to drink?”
“Root Beer!” We said together, over enthusiastically, I hadn’t realized how long it was since I had soda!
“Okay, two root beers, coming up!”
As soon as she was gone, we started to talk. “So, how did you afford this?” I asked him.
“I have some money saved in the bank, just do me a favored, don’t order the lobster.” We laughed, then he got serious “No, really, don’t order the lobster.”
“No worries, It’s still an animal, so I won’t eat it.”
“You never did say why you were vegetarian.”
“It is just the way that I was raised, my mom did not like to eat animals and she never fed me any animals.”
“That would explain why you boycotted out science teacher when she wanted us to dissect frogs.”
“Here are your drinks!” The waitress sad, setting the drinks in front of us. “Are you ready to order?”
“Uhhmm, yah, I would like the Creaser Salad, no chicken.” I said and pointed to Max, waiting for him to answer.
“I would have the Maple-Rosemary Glazed Chicken.”
“Is that it?” We nodded, “Your food will be right out.” The food came awfully fast for the fact that this place was packed. Max and I were mostly talking about what we were doing with our lives for the four years I was at college.
“I actually graduated from Penn State,” he said, I was shocked, when we were dating he was always talking about how he didn’t want to do to college. “And you? Where did you graduate?”
“Ah, so you’re a Stanford girl? You know you lost a lot of football games to us?”
“Yah, I am aware of that.”
“What did you study?”
“Mostly graphic design, you?”
“Business, career in music… this and that.”

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