i hate twilight...so why does taylor launter like me so much

Chapter 1


by: LilMags
i was shopping at LA when all of a sudden i hear girls screaming.i turn around and some guy runs into me and our lips accidently touch.the dude {hesitatly (sp)} turns us around not removeing our lips then i hear the screaming die down.thats when he finally let go and i slapped him so hard he fell to the floor."Qui pensez-vous que vous to how le droit de me baiser. je ne me soucie pas si vous êtes Taylor launtner tu oses me toucher une fois de plus avec vous que les lèvres ne sont pas les rentrer. vous n'avez pas le droit d'être irrespectueux envers une femme qui peut vous botter le azz.so vous laissez-moi plutôt l'enfer seul et penser deux fois avant de vous embrasser une fille au hasard"he seemed really confused."what"then i said in my french accent "americans getting dumber and dumber every day look i said who do you think you are to have the right to kiss me. i don't care if you are taylor launtner you dare touch me one more time with that lips you are not getting them back. you have no right to be so disrespectful to a woman who can kick your azz so you bettere leave me the hell alone and think twice before you kiss a random woman."he got up holding his cheek "sorry trying to get away from crazy fans." "what do they like so much about you"i then turned and walked away and he started following me."i see your not a fan" "hell no i would not dare to think of such an insult to vampires and werewolves." "how is that movie insulting."i turned and looked at him and said coldly."real wolves turn only when the moon shows and they do not protect humans.wolves howl at full moons.their transformations are slow and dont get me started on the vampires.what kinda of retarted vampires are 'vegetarians' they drink humans.thay suppose to burn in the sun and die but no they sparkle oh guess what throws some baby oil on me and i sparkle too."i didnt sound very serious with my accent but i meant every word."your much different from the girls i meet" "why because i not drooling all over you like some stupid dog like yourself."i said as i turned and walked away again uggh why did i have to park so far away "well that and because you hate twilight" "i am not the only one that hates it" "i know but those are guys not girls" "then american guys are smart" "so why do you hate me because i am in it."that ticked me off.i turned and looked at him "i seened a couple of your interviews.you show off your muscles like you think your all that and excepts all girls to be all over you.dont you know that some girls like boys for their personality not looks and i hate when people compare their characters to themselves.they are nothing a like and you quote {this is accually true he said this during an interview}'people tell me i am just like jacob before he turns into a jerk' yes indeed but you are selfish." "wait a minute how am i selfish" "you got fame and glory and the big buck when there are people starving and dieing out there people who have to fend for themselves" "so your saying world hunger is because of me" "no but uggh i got to go"i left but i didnt know i was on tomorows news. the day before school i was watching the news.then i heard "does taylor launter have a new enemy or just a bad realationship."then it shows me and taylors argument,after that the man said "well i think it is an enemy" and the woman said "no i believe taylor launter had a secret girlfriend who has realationship issues."i rolled my eyes and turned off the t.v..wow i wonder what everyone at school is going to do to me oh well i dont like him at all. i decided to go for i jog so i put on my jog suit and went out for a jog.i saw a gym while i was running and decided to join.i went and signed in and went to that lifty machine.come on i am french i dont know all their american words.so i put on 25 pounds on each side haveing 50 pounds in all.when i was about to start the woman that signed me up stopped me."umm miss excuse me but you are new and i think you should start with 30 pounds." "madam i choose to put 50 and i am sticking to my decision." "but if you want to go that high we encourge people to have a guide for people who choose to umm push further then their limit." "find i will take the fu(king guide gosh."she smiled "good because your guide is going to be someone you know" and before i could ask questions i saw who she was talking about.taylor launter was going to be my guide.could i live in hell another minute.what did i do to deserve this. i sighed and layed back down."hi ms.dawnson shes not married. i think i know why who is my.....oh hey its you" taylor said and started laughing."vous savez qu'il n'est pas drôle"{if you want to here how it sounds like go to here http://translate.google.com/?hl=en&tab=wT&q=you%20know%20it's%20not%20that%20funny#en|fr|you%20know%20it's%20not%20that%20funny and click on the speaker button that is next to the weird word} {translation: you know its not that funny}"what"i smirked "tu dois apprendre le français si jamais vous voulez me parler." {translation:you got to learn french if you ever want to talk to me.}he shook his head and gave up.i did a few raps til i noticed he was holding the bar as well."lâcher le poids maintenant"{translation:drop the weight now}he must have not understanded because he gave me a weird look and continue to hold on.i smacked his hand and he let go.i guess he understood that."if you dont want my help fine." he went to a different machine.i did about 106 reps and moved to a different machine while taylor watched.

three hours

i finished and i was tired.i grabbed my waterbottle and went out the door."hey frensh girl."i heard someone say behind me.i turne to see it was taylor.he ran up to me "i dont think i caught your name." "madeline depaul"i said in a heavy french accent."do you need a ride"i remembered it took me two hours to jog here and i was too tired to keep walking."yes"he smiled "come on" i followed him untill we got to his car.not really looking at the brand i hopped into the passengers seat.he bearly got in and turned on the car.he tried creating a conversation many times."so did you live in france or did you move when you were born."i just nodded as saying i lived in france.i only nodded and shook my head.one question caught my attention "do you have a boyfriend,"i thought for a second.debateing whether or not to tell him.i just shook my head. suddenly the car slowed down and stopped."what is the wrong" did i say that right "we ran out of gas" that made me hit the dashboard with my hand. then i started ranting in french."Oh, génial. le jour où je décide de laisser un gars comme moi à la maison, promenade Taylor et nous sommes coincés au milieu de nulle part avec plus de gaz. Je veux dire qui oublie le gaz. C'est la partie la plus importante de la conduite." {translation:oh great. the day i decide to let a guy like taylor drive me home and we are stuck in the middle of nowhere with no gas. i mean who forgets the gas. its the most important part of driving.}i then got out of the car and all i could see was miles and miles of grass. not one house in sight or even a gas station. i just grubbled and sat on the hood of the car. i heard the car door open again. then closed. soon taylor sat next to me."sorry" "sorry all you to have say is sorry" he looked at me confused. "ok that didnt make sense." "who cares im french." he chuckled. "french people are not that funny." "its how you said it that made it funny" "uggh americans" "hey" "what i thought you were indian" he chuckled again. i layed down on the car and sighed. he layed down to "what you sighing about" "i wonder how it would be if i said no to this ride." "we probably run into eachother tomorrow and you would be ranting more stuff in french." "no i still think that tomorrow i going to rant more things in french." he chuckled again. "man your just full of laugh" "so been i told" he laughed again "stop laughing at my improffesion" that made him laugh harder. "you mean imperfection" "no i mean défectuosité" {translate:imperfection} a confused look swept over his face. "what" "its french" "what does it mean" "i cant prenounce it so how i tell you" "its pronounce." "its prononcer" "not even close" "its not even english" we chuckled and/or giggled. i looked up at the stars. "look at those beautys" taylor looked up. "yeah the stars very romantic" "yeah so umm i think i was wrong about you" i said as i looked at him softly. he looked back at me with forgiveness in his eyes. "its ok but you got to know that not all stars are the same." i smiled "i now do" he smiled "what" "you say almost everything wrong but you make it so cute." i smiled a little bigger. i looked down. i felt him push away a strand of stray hair behind my ear. i looked up and noticed taylor was closer than he was before. his eyes studied my face and they landed on my lips. he started getting closer to me and i closed my eyes. i felt taylors breath then finally his lips were placed on mine. i loved it. i felt the sparks almost instantly. the kiss got more intensed. he pulled me closer by my hips and my hands were all in his hair. suddenly he pulled away and had a look of regret in his eyes. i was about to ask whats wrong but then taylor said "dont turn around." then flashs of light happened behind me. papparazzi. i hopped off the hood. trying to get inside the back seat because of tinted windows. they asked me questions. i answered back in french. i also hid my face. "whats your name" "Je ne vous dis pas mon nom." {translate:i'm not telling you my name.} "are you dating taylor launter" "C'est pas de vos affaires maintenant nous laisser seuls. aller chercher une étoile autre film de gâchis avec."{translate:that's none of your damn business now leave us alone. go find some other movie star to mess with.} "are you french" "oui" "do you speak english" "oui" "are you two dating" "Comme je disais c'est qu'aucun de vos affaires" {translate:like i said that's none of your damn business} i finally got in the car. taylor was telling the paparrazii to go away. soon they left knowing we arent going to talk. then there was a knock on the window. i locked the doors so i think its taylor wanting to get in. it was. i unlocked the doors and taylor oppened it. "ok how about this. you steer i push." i nodded and got out. i went to the front and got in. taylor pushed the car. soon we stoped in a gas station. it was in the middle of nowhere but usefull. i hopped out. taylor looked REALLY tired. he was sweating. "well least you have a good workout." he chuckled. "you still said it wrong." i smiled. "well you get a reward for pushing all the way." she smiled. "reward." i got close. "yes" he leaned down. right when we were about to kiss i heard "omg its TAYLOR LAUNTER" soon girls were swarming him. about five. screaming. one girl went to me. "keep your hands off of him." i had an idea. in my heavy french accent i said "im french. a very romantic culture. try telling him to keep his hands off a master of 'frenching' stay out of my life." then i went up to taylor and pushed the girls out the way. i kissed taylor straight on the lips. then i tell the girls "stay away." i went to the car. i got my purse then walked into the store pulling taylor with me. when the girls were out of sight taylor said "jealous much." "no more like they are jelous much." he chuckled. "i still didnt get that reward." "you lost it after flirting with teen girls." "thats no fair." "thats my rules live with it." then i got a text where are you it was my sis you want the truth yes i giggled a little. im deserted in a gas station with taylor launter YOU BIG FAT LIAR im not i need a picture i looked at taylor and he was reading over my shoulder. "time for picture" he smiled he pulled me close wrapping my arms around me. i took the pic. "another picture" he said. "sure" he kissed me. i took that picture. "you want my sistor to be jealous like however you say" "its sister and yes." i smiled and sent her both pics. later i got a text. OMG YOUR DATING TAYLOR LAUNTER. are you going to introduce us "want to meet my sister tomorrow." "sure" tommorrow i will perfect now get home. i smiled and closed the phone. we bought some chips and soda. i also payed for the gas. we got in the car. i gave taylor directions to my house. when we showed up he kissed me. it turned into a make out session. when it ended i was on taylors lap. it ended because my dad was tapping on the window. "uhh ohh" tbc

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