Vampire Bytes

I love the title and the idea.
Ava = Evangeline Styk
Sabrina = Emily Drakule
Emily - Vampire by Generation, beautiful long brown hair, red eyes, pale
Evangeline - Human soon Vampire, Short blond trendy hair, green eyes, tan

Chapter 1

Emily's POV

I woke up from my room, the sun shining inside it. I got up immediately and closed the blinds. The room was surrounded by darkness again. I smiled. I heard my phone ring. On it, it said 500 new messages from Evangeline in about 2 minutes... my phone will explode one day. I opened it and read it.
Wait its 2 am :P
Fine its 2:01 but still!

and a lot more... I got dressed and threw my phone in the trash can. I wore a purple long sleeved skin tight shirt with a yellow tank top with pink and blue stripes on top. I also wore long grey pants with zippers everywhere that were navy blue and red converse. I ran down the stairs and into the Cavern. All around the Cavern that was painted with demon bird blood (bright red) were torches floating. I guess Hallow's Eve was coming. No vampire would keep it so fancy other than the Vampire Holiday, in which the humans called Halloween, but mainly known as Vampire Bitten or Hallow's Eve. I looked around and saw the cavern filled with people. The Cavern wasn't really a filled place, but on Hallow's Eve, thou who sleeps awakens, Evil and Good. See, we lived underground, and everyone who was 15+ lived in a room in the top, nearest to human enviroment. Every Room/Housing had a grand staircase leading to the Cavern, which was basically like that magical place in Harry Potter where he buys all his magic stuff, but a lot bigger. More like... I guess the City of Ember? I passed by Maika's Crepe Factory, but stopped by for a quick breakfast. It was always hard to decide. Dried demon bird heart with maggot slime or human fingers (including bone and blood, no nails) with onions. No vampires don't die of it. Do humans die of reading? I don't think so. Onions are actually one of our favorite things to eat. Its Daylight and Pumpkins that don't do us well. Why do you think they made up the Jack o' Lantern? Cause we just ate the onions they rubbed in our faces. Besides it was the Evil Betty Luise that gave away our secret of pumpkin hate, and also made the rule for the Dark People to know about vampires ONLY unless you have witch, wolf, shape shifter, or any other magic-ness in your blood. "Bloody Human please." I smiled to Maika, who smiled back. I grabbed my crepe and munched on the way to the Elevator. Yes we have an Elevator to the Human Society. You wouldn't believe how many Dark people were in there. It was sort of like a Hawaii. I finished it just in time to catch the next ride. I hurried in and took the mint gum Evangeline gave me and chewed away the deliciousness and replaced it with foul mint. I walked out wincing and spit it out immediately. I hurried from where the Elevator landed and walked into New York Time Square. It was beautiful. Yes it was day light, the reason also why I was wearing a hoodie (grey) and big sunglasses. "EMILY!!!!!!" I heard someone screaming. I whipped my head around to see Matthew standing by Starbucks with two cups of coffee. I smiled slightly, whipping away the human blood from my fangs, and let them shrunk back. "Hey Matthew. Have you seen Eva?" I asked, taking a sip of the coffee he handed to me. I smiled as it burned my throat. "No, but hey my parents always carve a huge pumpkin for Halloween. Wanna come and help?" go with the mortal... my heart told me but my brain responded before i did. Fine go get killed with the wretched smell of pumpkin. I smiled and Matthew and said, "I'd like to but I'm allergic to pumpkin." I smiled slyly. He smiled back but half hearted and his cheeks were bright red. Maybe the cold breeze was making them this way. Which brought me to my next point. New York in Winter was always beautiful. I zipped my hoodie all the way up feeling a bit warmer and he offered me a seat. I smiled and sat down. "Okay well, stay here I'll be right back." He said and walked away. I looked at the sky to see the clouds covering it. It was going to rain hard. "It doesn't look like its going to rain." He said hastily but i responded smoothly, "I'm cold, let me go inside." He nodded, and i walked inside gracefully.He smiled slightly and disappeared within a second. I knew he was a werewolf, and he knew I was something, he suspected me, but I let him guess and to this day he never saw me in the Cavern, well only about 2 times, but that was it. I realized I heard a soft voice from behind me. Chasity and Scylla were discussing on boys to ask to the Winter prom. I almost grossed out. They were the meanest of all Vampires and Witches. "Oh my god, ask out Matthew. He would so go with you rather than that silly Emily." Scylla smirked deviously at me. Chasity nodded and licked her lips. She knew it was against the law to feed on Dark People unless its their own race, and she would do that just to piss me off. When Matthew walked in, Chasity walked up to him elegantly giving me no time to warn him. She was wearing a long frail white shirt and a long wavy white skirt dragging itself on the floor a bit. "Hey Chasity." He said. "Hey there, you have a date to the Winter Dance?" She asked. He snorted and gave me a look, and I nodded slightly. "Course I do, my new girlfriend Emily." He said, and wrapped his arm around me. I smiled brightly and kissed him on the lips. His eyes widened but he continued on. "Its not over little miss take EVERYTHING." Chasity whispered to me and only me. I gulped. Chasity would always try to out do me. I hated her for it. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Evangeline walking in Starbucks. THANK GOD. Matthew said he would only say hi, and had to leave for an emergency. I nodded and we hurried over to her table.

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