The Story of a 15 year old girl named Nedria. A former "Female-Player" who is forcefully consumed with finding out about Friendships, Pain and Love.

-There WAS infrequent swearing. But Quibblo made me censor it. Original story can be found at
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Chapter 1

Go Ahead Nedria

"Me, I'm a Creator ,Thrill is to make it up , The rules I break got me a place , Up on the radar, Me, I'm a Taker , Know what the stakes are , Can't roll it back, it's understood , Got to play our cards-"

"Stop trying to sing" Kyven throws the frilly pillow at Nedria."I hate those fake inspirational songs; I bet the person who wrote it was a burnout." Kyven continued his Rant. "My apologizes for not being a rap addict." Nedria gets up from her bed. "Get out. I'm getting dressed. Unless you want to see my-" Kyven cuts her off. "OHHHHH! NO! DONT BLIND ME!" He continues to scream while running out the room.

"..... I remember when that boy never spoke." Nedria throws on her hoodie and converse. "Wow. Hoodie and Converse today...? I remember when this look was unique..... Eff that. I like it and that’s all that matters."

Nedria talking to herself, usual habit. The sound of Jeremy's feet come pattering down the hallway.

"NEEEEE!!!! NEEEEEEEEE!" The little boy screams. "VEEEEEE IS HERE!”

Nedria picks up her hat and runs downstairs, she see's "Vee" in the Hallway.

"Vaughn.... What are you doing here?" Nedria chuckles. "My mother started bleeding all over the dang place." Vaughn pulls his cell from his back pocket. "It's like. 9am. You needed to wake up anyway. Job Hunting day."

Nedria pauses... "You left her at home... bl-bleeding?" She stutters for dramatic effect. "I meant she’s on her period. geez. Silly girl." Vaughn smirks. "We should head out, Luckily you’re already dressed."

"..... Yeah. An old Hoodie and ripped shorts. Aint I be looking sharp?" Nedria begins posing. "... Looks fine to me." Vaughn turns around and begins walking out the door.

"GAHHH!!" He screams. "Whaaaaa?" Nedria mummers. "The sun..... it's bright..." Vaughn covers his eyes. "... Just.... just get in the car." He opens the car door.

"I could have gotten that". Nedria growls. "I wasn’t opening the door for you." Vaughn leaps into the passenger seat. "You’re driving. Nedria laughs. "I'm 15. No." She pushes Vaughn out of the passenger seat and closes the door.

"We still need to swing by Alex's place." Vaughn turns on the car. "When are you going to get your learners permit? I'm sick of driving." Nedria looks through her bag. "You just got your license 2 weeks ago. The feeling of freedom wore off already?" Vaughn looks at her. "It's just driving, No big deal.". Nedria turns her head towards the window. "Is being 18 like they say it is? Getting drunk, partying, having you-know-what with strangers?" Vaughn smirks. "Who told you that? Depends on what your lifestyle choices are...."

He pulls up to Alex's house. "Text him Nene, I'm Lazy". Nene, she has always hated it when others called her that, when he says it, It's less offending.

Alex comes stumbling out the house. "I'M COMI-" he trips over his shoelace.

"OWWWWW!!!!!!! OWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!! NEDRIAA!!!!!" Nedria opens the car door.

"ALEX WHY ARE YOU CALLING ME!?". Alex whimpers "HE-HEL-HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Vaughn gets out the car. "It's okay. I've got this."

Vaughn walks over to Alex in Anger. "HEY! I ASKED FOR NEDRIA! NOT YOU!" Alex attempts to crawl away.

Vaughn grabs Alex's legs. "Freakin person always making me late I told you to be ready by 9:15." Vaughn drag's him across the yard.

Alex continues to scream for Nedria, She stands there laughing.

Vaughn opens the car door and throws Alex inside. "AND DONT SCRATCH UP MY SEATS LIKE LAST TIME!!!!!!!" Vaughn yells at the Car Window.

Nedria gets back in the car. Alex is in the back seat, crawled into the Fetal Position

"Mommy...." Alex whispers.

"Awww.... I think you hurt him, Vaughn" Nedria tries to sound sympathetic.

Vaughn speeds off. "Yeah, whatever, Freaking 16 years old and screaming like that, I oughta punch you just for being a girl" Nedria laughs. "Wooow. you don’t have to insult females of the world~"

Alex sits up. "YEAH! YOU DONT HAVE TO CALL ME WHAT YOU AINT GETTIN'! OHHHHHHH!!! OHHHHH!!!" Nedria laughs at Alex's comeback.

Vaughn steps on the brakes.


The car goes silent. "....Uhmm..." Nedria whispers.

Alex stares at Vaughn. Vaughn turns around and continues driving.

"...... Vaaaaughnnnn aint got a giiiiirl!!!" Alex whispers.

"Nene... I swear... I'm going to kill him...." Vaughn turns to Nedria. "Tell him to stop ACTING LIKE A CHILD!"

Alex pokes Vaughn "Sorry Vaughnnnnn." Vaughn ignores him. Nedria chuckles.

Alex stares out the window.

Vaughn turns to Nedria. "So. How’s your brother? I haven’t seen him in awhil-" Alex cuts Vaughn off.

"THE WHEELS ON THE BUS GO ROUND' N ROOUNDDDDD!" Vaughn stops the car again.

"VAUGHN!!!!!!!!!" Nedria screams.

"He’s lucky were at the place...." Vaughn gets out the car. "You can stay with him...." He walks off.



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