My Rebirth

NEW STORY!! holla lol Characters:
Harley Smith(me of course...tehe)
the cullen clan
victoria and the newborn army
the wolf pack
the humans(mike,angela,jessica etc...) that's all i can think of at this time BUT if there's more, i'll add them to the list...

Chapter 7

Go to Hell you Stupid little Dog!

As soon as we got to the Cullen house, Alice appeared outside.

"What happened?" Alice asked concernly
"that stupid red head biitch that's what"
"Victoria.why would she be attacking you?"
"i don't know why don't you use your future seeking powers"
"Carlisle is inside waiting"

We walked in and Carlisle imediatly took me up to his office. for the first 5 minutes, it was complete silence until Carlisle spoke up.

"What happened?"
"i was just sitting on my bed reading a book to keep me busy when the red headed chick busted in my window"
"you mean Victoria, right?"
"yea, her"
"you have 3 broken ribs and 1 cracked one and you also broke your hand which i'll tape those up"
"thanks, i appreciate it"
"your welcome"

then i heard stomping coming towards Carlisle's office.Jacob busted in the door along with Alice.

"I tried stopping him"
"it's ok Alice, me and him gotta talk anyway"

both Carlisle and Alice left the room.

"Jacob, what's wrong with you?"
"what's wrong with me? the question is what's wrong with you!"
"nothing is wrong with me! how would you feel if i spread a rumor about you to the whole damn school?"

Jacob said nothing and his head was down...

"Yeah that's what i thought!"
"i would feel as if i should call you a Biitch"
"oh really, here's fact for you Jacob, a biitch is a female dog.dogs bark.bark is on trees and trees are apart of nature and nature is beautiful! so go to hell you stupid little dog!" i say while getting out of Jacob's face

i walked out of Carlisle's office and walked downstairs mad, Jasper's power's couldn't calm me down.

"Paul, can you drive me home before i go back up there and kill him" i said in a stern voice.

the whole car ride home was silent.i bet the guys didn't want tp provok me anymore.once i got home, i walked in and screamed.

"that felt a little better, i'm going to bed, Night guys"
"night Harlot" Paul said

i changed into my pj's and went to bed....TBC

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