My Rebirth

NEW STORY!! holla lol Characters:
Harley Smith(me of course...tehe)
the cullen clan
victoria and the newborn army
the wolf pack
the humans(mike,angela,jessica etc...) that's all i can think of at this time BUT if there's more, i'll add them to the list...

Chapter 2

I Li- Never Mind, You Won't Understand

I stormed into my house.i was paceing back and forth making myself dizzy.i always paced back and forth when i was mad or pissed off.

"honey, what's wrong?" my mom asked in concern
"HIM that's what's wrong!"
"what happen with him?"
"he's always with that depressed beeotch Bella! it gets on my last damn nerve!"
"honey, are you sure it isn't jealousy?"
"jealousy? wow mom i can't believe you think it's jealousy cause it's NOT!"
"honey why don't you just talk to him at school?"
"i will mom, but if it ends horrible, i'm blmaing you!"

i walked up to my room fustrated.i sighed and changed into my pj's and crawled into bed.

The Next Day;

I woke up feelings great.why? i had one of the wildest dreams about Jake.and i won't go into details but it was quite a "sexy dream" but anyway i got up and walked over to my closet.i picked out jeans and white and purple striped tank and jacket over it and classic black converse sneakers.i walked downstairs and ate breakfast.then i grabbed my bookbag and got in the car with my mom.

~At School~

when i got there my mom faced me.

"Tell him dear"
"fine mom i'll tell him"
"ok have a good day dear"
"you to mom"

i got out and walked over to guys.and i guess who i didn't see there? yup Jake.

"Are you looking for your lover?" Paul said
"really? paul you're so effing immature"

i walked away.i walked up the stairs and into the building.i just wanted to get to my locker grab whatever i needed and get to class.i go to my first hour which was Chemistry.sad thing, Jacob was my lab partner and we was working on disecting a frog.i sit down and few minutes later, here he comes with a girl on his side.

oh so he has a girlfriend now, besides that Depressed Princess Bella? i thought to myself

"Hi Har" Jacob

When he called me by that, it made my heart melt.i know cheesey but hey it's love and love does crazy things you know.

"Hey Jake..." i said while trying not to sound upset
"anything wrong? you seem sad and a tad bit upset"
"yea something is don't see it but when you do, i'll be gone"

and with that i got up and walked past the teach who was yelling at me.i walked out of the building and i crossed the street not giving a damn if there was a car coming.i made it across the street.i made my mind up on going to the beach.there it was calming and very soothing.i took my shoes and socks off and stuffed them in my bag and rolled up my pants.feeling the cold water made me feel relaxed instantly.there was alot going through my mind.i love Jacob.i didn't know how to tell him either.i might never ever get that chance either.

"Harley Harley!"

i hear my name being shout from a far.i knew that was jacob's.

"What's wrong with you Harley?"
"What's wrong? what's wrong with you Jake"
"what are you talking about Harley?"
"look Jake you're always with that depressed princess Bella and who was that chick you was walking in with Chemistry? look the main point is i that I Li- Never Mind You Wouldn't Understand"

i got out of his grip and walked away.i couldn't bare to look at him.and trust me, it was really heart was falling apart when it wasn't even whole to begin with(BONUS TO WHO KNOWS WHAT SONG THAT IS)..........TBC

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