My Rebirth

NEW STORY!! holla lol Characters:
Harley Smith(me of course...tehe)
the cullen clan
victoria and the newborn army
the wolf pack
the humans(mike,angela,jessica etc...) that's all i can think of at this time BUT if there's more, i'll add them to the list...

Chapter 1

Half Human Half Werewolf...Oh Fun

Weird thing about me, i wasn't really human nor i wasn't really overall "normal" get this, my mom was a werewolf and my dad was a vampire, weird i know cause they coulnd't stand each other's smell.but they fell in mom's side was enemies with the vampires.and vampires wasn't susposed to fall in love with werewolfs.and so they got together one night and got "groovy" and nine months later were i was, on this earth.but my mom couldn't go to any doctor for normal people, she had to go to Dr.Carlisle.that's me you me in that picture.i have blue eyes pale and brown hair.Dr.Carlisle said i was the first of my kind.i live with my mom on the i got to school on the res.everything i do, it's on the res.that brings me to today,

"Hey Mom, can i go to Jake's?"
sure, just be back before dinner"

I can still eat human food by the way.and Jacob, he's sweet.i like him.not like friend like, like boyfriend and girlfriend like.but he's to Obsessed with's Bella this Bella gets sicking! i bet the wolf pack is sick of him thinking about Bella all the time.anyway i reach his front door and knock.i hear the front door open.

"Why hello there Harley"
"Hey Billy, Jake here?"
"No, he's with Bella"

go figure i thought to myself

"Thanks Billy"
"i'll tell him you stopped by"
"again, thanks Billy"
"you have a nice day Harley"
"you to Billy"

i was mad.i saw Jared,Paul,Embry walking up the drive way.

"Oooo little princess is mad?" Paul said to me
"if you're looking for Jake, he's not here, he's with the depressed Biitch Bella!"
"well that's not nice, Harley" Jared said
"you honestly think i give a rats azz? NO so get to stepping before your werewolf azz gets it!"

i walked away pissed.i knew he'd be with Bella.but you know what, when he needs me, imma tell him... "You have Bella, why don't you go and eff her!"
i was mad.and i bet if you was in my shoes, you'd be to.........TBC

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