Truth or Dare.

This is a story about a girl who goes to a party,and they have truth or dare.

Chapter 1

The Invatation.

I'm a seventeen year old girl any girl would want to be.I have anoth you know,stuff,to be a teen.I have Curly brown hair and green eyes.I'm Margarita,But I'm called Mar by my friends.I can't belive I got this invitation!
It's perfect!My first party,and it's a overnight,even better!Gigi gave the invitation,
Telling me:"It's truth or dare.Dirty's my type" and then she left.I got allitle happy,and kinda like,'Yes!dirty!' I'm wierd.So I told my parents.they where like,
"Duh!mar,this is good,a boy you might find!"
My parents are wierd


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