The Murder Games :The Beggining with Her Stalker.

The Murder Games :The Beggining with Her Stalker.

This is NOT your typical story. No this story is not about love. It most likely does not have a happy ending, for the reason it's called 'The Murder Games' It is a story about a game, a game about Obsession, Murder, Love, Lust, Lies and the awful truth about life that everyone tries to hide from. Its about A girl who's friends made an awful mistake, that killed them. And now she's forced into a game. The Murder Games. How Far Would YOU Go To Stay Alive?

Chapter 1

I Hate Stupid People

I really hate stupid people, you know those people who do really dumn things that effect peoples' lives completely? No? Well my friend did something stupid. And it killed her. And everyone else.
I was at the infamous Dixen Diner. It was unfamous because it had a 70's theme to it. But my friends and me liked it. I was sitting by my bf Jermey, and he held my hand in his. Love was great. My friend Diana was across from me And she was sitting by her bf Maxwell. Who was sitting by Candy (Candice) who was sitting in a booth pushed against ours. She was sitting by Colten (bf) who was sitting across from Tiana and Deyrone (Rymes with They phone) Jeremy turned his head, smiled and kissed me for no reason.I did the same and Diana said, "Aww, the two love birds." I could actually feel Candy rolling her eyes, "Get a room or something. Or u could just tell us to leave, at least that would be more polite." I broke free to laugh. We all laughed as Max turned to Candy, "Is this how u do it?" He asked, "Can you guys please leave so that I may kiss my hot girlfriend Candy for 10 seconds just to tell you that you may come back in after it?" Candy stared at him shooting daggers with her eyes. Then a second later she was laughing and kissing him at the same time. They all were laughing as I turned and went to the juke box and tried to flip a quarter in the jukebox. They laughed even harder when I missed. I shook my head still smiling and put it in. I scanned my options, I picked one I had never heard of and sat back down. My phone beeped and I took it out my flare jeans. I read of the text I had recived. It was from my brother Jake. 'Come home Asap.' All I could think of was one thing: Mom. I jumped and headed for the door, "Erin! Wait! Where are you going!?" I heard the calls but I was too worried to look back. I felt a hand on my shoulder and turned to see Diana. "What's the matter Erin!?" I showed her my phone. "There's something wrong!" I ran out the door and fiddled in my pocket for my keys. I unlocked the door and slid in. I turned the car and drove away, leaving my friends behind.
(Unknown Pov)
It had been 1 year since that night. I was shamed and the most painfulist things were done to me. And she didn't do anything, but I couldn't blame her. Perhaps she was afraid of that guy, I sure as hell was. Esspecially when he threatened me after his friend had kicked my azz and then made me strip and be covered in dog crap in front of the whole school. And she stood in the crowd, beautiful as ever, standing, not laughing like her so-called friends and the others around her. In a her silky wrinkled dress and her dark eyes hidden under her long lashes and blond (almost white) hair. It was a shade for a beautiful face, which she tried to hide. The only thing I liked about him was that he knew beautiful when he saw it. In a few more days, more like a week or more, I would have her. All to myself.

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