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Chapter 1

Advil, Take Me Away

by: dobby
It all started the morning of June fourteenth.
Where my locker was positioned was horrifying. Right next to Curtis Lee's, he always had left his food in his locker, so it always attracted fruit flies. I scrunched my nose at the repulsive smell of rotten food.
Siobhan trotted up to me as I slammed my locker closed. “Hey, girl.” she greeted. Vonny was her nickname, Siobhan was not the classic black girl. She looked black, she was black, but she didn't act like it. Ever since people started calling her a “burnt biscuit”, she's wanted to be white. Like I said, she was black, sexy and tall. Her black hair waved down to just below her chest. Her eyes sparkled amber and her smile was as wide and white (as in her teeth) as could be. She was always so beautiful, with makeup or without.
“Hey, Vonny.” I greeted back.
She sniffed the air and huffed. “Curtis' locker smells disgusting.”
“God help me.” I muttered, then we started to walk away. “How's it?”
“It's good.” she said. “Where's Eddie?”
“Here I am!” Eddie jumped out of nowhere.
Vonny and I both jumped. “God, Eddie. What's your problem?” Vonny said, but she was giggling. Eddie, real name Edna, was my best friend. She and I knew each other since we were in diapers. She and I had a lot in common, too, like how we changed our names to nicer names, even though Eddie is a boys name. Ed had short, light brown pixie hair and a massive, but great and beautiful, smile. Her grey eyes always shone, and she was always smiling. She wore weird things everyday, too. Maybe not weird, but colourful. Like today she wore a short yellow dress, solid purple leggings, red flats and big, strawberry earrings to match.
We started to walk toward our classes. She and Vonny had first period together, while I was alone in French, my worst subject. I could maybe have a two minute conversation with someone in French, and probably not understand what I was saying or not be able to pronounce all the words.
The bell rang.
“Great.” I moaned. “See you,”
“See ya.”
“Bye!” said Eddie, then they left for their first class.
Halfway through French, I got that feeling. A feeling in my stomach that I had this morning. It wasn't a stomachache, more like a stomach... grumble. Not like I was hungry. But like my stomach was vibrating in my body, without making a sound. It was really uncomfortable and off.
French ended, I had drama next. I loved drama, I wanted to be an actress. But today, I would give anything to get out of drama. My stomachache thing got worse. The vibrations hurt. They made me crumple up.
“What's wrong?” Eddie whispered over as we were doing our body exercizes. “You look pale.”
“I do?” I asked. Why was this happening all of the sudden?
Science was next. It was my second worst subject, but I rather of had double-block science than double-block French. Even though I had no interest in science and it was boring as hell.
Evan Withers leaned in to me as Mr Gismondi gave a lecture about light rays or what. “Hey, you don't look so good.” he whispered.
I avoided rolling my eyes. “I know, I don't feel it, either.”
“You're pale, and your eyes are red.”
“And my stomach hurts.”
“What's wrong?”
I shrugged. “Maybe I have an allergy or something.” I knew that was bullsh1t. I didn't have any allergies.
I looked away from Evan, hoping to get out of the conversation, when I saw an odd girl with big round glasses and black pigtails sitting next to Savannah Williams. The girl was small and pale white, and she had a serious face on. She was staring right at me with those huge, round eyes.
I leaned into Evan. “Who's the new girl?” I asked.
“What new girl?”
I nudged over by Savannah. “That girl. Over there, next to Savannah.”
Evan had a puzzled look. “You mean Emily?”
“No!” I snapped, rolling my eyes. “I mean the girl on the other side of her!”
Was he that dumb? “There is no girl...” he awkwardly replied.
“Yes, there is! Look!”
Mr Gismondi cleared his throat. “Is there something you would like to share with the class, Ms Cyprus?”
No, dumba$s, that's why I whispered it. “No,” I simply replied.
“Then it can wait until after class.” He tilted his head, then turned to the rest of the class. “Now, as I was saying...”
Like I cared what he was saying. I turned to the girl, but she was gone. What the hell?
By the end of science, I felt like throwing up. I was dizzy, lightheaded. I couldn't walk ten steps without tripping. I was pale. I was sick.
“You gonna call home?” Eddie asked.
“No, Ed, I'm not. I'm really looking forward to English today, we're starting The Outsiders in class.” I replied.
She gave me a look. “Was that supposed to be sarcasm?”
I rolled my eyes, “No.” She knew I loved to read. That's why I was so good at lying all the time. Or maybe it was because of my natural acting talents.
And then I saw her. The girl. What was she doing here? She looked nothing my age. She looked maybe seven, this was a middle school. “Who's that?” I asked.
“Who?” asked Siobhan.
I huffed. “Seriously?”
“Maybe you should take some Advil if you're not going home, A.”
“No.” I snapped. I hated that I always needed Advil. It was like I was a druggy or whatnot.
“Rip, rip, rip.” sang the girl, suddenly. She was dancing around the cafeteria tables. “Rip, rip, rip.”
“What's -” But then I remembered, they supposedly couldn't see her. She continued her song. Rip, rip, rip. What the hell? Was I hallucinating? Maybe this was worse than I thought.
The lunch bell rang, and the little girl stopped to stare at me. “I think I am going to take some Advil.” I muttered, Siobhan and Eddie nodded and walked to class. I always took my Ad in the most unused bathroom. I never wanted anyone to walk in on me taking pills and washing them down from sink water. It was on the other side of the school, which wasn't far, but I kept tripping and having to stop on the way so it made it far.
By the time I got three-fourths there, the halls were cleared. Suddenly, I collapsed on all fours and started to cough for my life. What was wrong with me? I was spitting my guts out. My head hurt. The bathroom wasn't far. Maybe I could just collect up saliva and wash the pills down that way.
I finally stopped coughing, and fell on my back for a breather. “Help,” I mumbled.
I could hear slow walking toward me. I repeated myself, trying to be clear but failing. What was taking them so long? I finally could breath right, I got up and looked for the person supplying the footsteps.
No one was there.
“Hello?” I asked no one, which didn't answer, of course. I reached in my bag for the pills, when I shiver down my spine so bad made me gasp and drop my bag. I spun around instantly.
There, was a man so badly burned up and so old, it was scary. He had a janitors outfit on, he had a ratty beard and moustache. Worst of all, he only had whites for eyes. “Help me.” his rough voice demanded.
By reaction, I screamed like in a horror movie and bolted for my life. “Help me!” he called after, but I never wanted to run back. Some classroom doors opened, but I didn't care if I did look like a nut.
I looked back for a second, the man was running after me. I found myself in the janitor's closet. I locked myself in the pitch-dark room. I didn't realize I wasn't breathing until I fought to catch my breath back. “Chhhharrlieee?” asked a familiar voice in the closet.
I yelped. “Who's there?”
“Rip, rip, rip, rip...”
I backed up to the wall. “Get away from me!”
“Rip, rip, rip, rip...”
“Leave me alone!”
Rest in peace. Sh1t!
I unlocked the door and sprinted right for the next bathroom. It was empty. I got my bag and searched through the damm thing until I found it. Advil. Advil, take me away.
I grabbed two pills when the lights started to give out. A random toilet flushed, and a sink started to run. I popped the pills in my mouth and got to another sink, one that wasn't mysteriously running. I turned on the tap, whimpered, and washed the pills down.
I then dropped to the floor. Why wasn't anyone helping me?
Rip, rip, rip, rip...
“Leave me alone!”
“Go away!” I shrieked some more, flailing around. “Leave me alone!”
Something grabbed me and I screamed. “Charlie!” said an unfamiliar voice.
“Leave me alone!” I shrieked, trying to get out of their arms. “I don't want to die!”
“No, Charlie, it's me.” said the boy. “I'm real.”
I looked up at him, I hadn't noticed I was crying. No, bawling. I knew his face. It was a guy in our school, Solomon. He liked to stay on the down low, which was disappointing since he was so sexy, and I was at the top of the food chain.
Wait, what?
I clutched onto him for my dear life, he rocked me back and forth as if I were two. “Leave me alone,” I sobbed.
“I can't.” he said. “You're in pain. It'll be over soon.”
“No, the ghosts. The ghosts!” I screamed.
“Th – they were killing me!” I cried. “I don't want to die!”
“Not dead.”
“I don't want to watch this, Charlie.” he said, holding me closer. “I don't want to.”
“Make them leave!”
“They're not here.”
“Yes they are!” I screamed, there was a flash of light and I suddenly relaxed. The lights stopped blinking. The sink stopped running. The toilets weren't flushing. My tummy felt better. Advil?
Everything started to feel better. It got blurrier, I could only see outlines. But I was on a cloud. A magical one.
All I could really see was Solomon's tan outline looking down at me. I put my hand on his jet-black hair, but I couldn't feel it. I was going cross-eyes, I was sure. “Solomon, the Advil.” I said, but it came out, “Shlamn, da Av.”
And then, nothing.

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