emo love story 2

emo love story 2

i hope you enjouy this story justa s mucha s you liked my other story!!

Chapter 5

it's the beging of a lovely end...

you wait for about 10min then all of a sudden you see Drake sprintting down the street with your note in his hands and then you hear him yelling your name but now it sounds even more ergent then you hearthe honking of a horn and you turn to see a car and by the time you know it everything goes white then black and silent except for the screams of pain and sobs and then everything goes white and you wake up your on the street being cradeld in Drakes arms and he's sobbing and then you whisper in a weak voice"Drake?" and looks up and looks like he thinks your still dead then he whispers" i thought you we're dead i called an ambulance when i saw it i thought i was never gonna hear your voice again..." and all of a sudden you start to cry but your muffled by his lips softly kissing you and then you slip back into unconsiousness then you relise you're gonna die right when you get your love back and start to belive someone cares for you you feel so stupid that you couldn't see this befor but it's over know it's all gone you feel a tear run down your cheak and you feel someone whip it away and then you slowly start to see everything you see your on a hospital bed in a white room so obviosly your in the hospital then you see Drake sobbing with tears of sadness and sorrow and then his eyes widen and he almost screams your name and huggs you like he never saw a person befor and then he kisses you the most you think he's ever kissed anyone ever befor and you except it and when he lets you breath he says" don't you ever do that again how could you be so stupid to think i didn't love you after all the things i did to-" you dtop him by saying" it's because i didn't know what love was until you came along i thought love was being yelled at and all the things that were the oppiste of love but you guided me and showed me how to love and what it felt like so i guess what im trying to say is I love you Drake and couldn't love anyone as much as i love you...i hope you can fogive me..?" and says"....yes i fogive you" and he leand in and gave you a kiss and then you heard the heart monitor do that long beep thing and the nurse started to shoe him out put he came and saw you every day even during school until you where back at school but when you go back hand in hand you see Tommy comming over and says" wow first a nerd and know a $lut?well im not surpised it's to bad though you didn't die-" and all of a sudden Drakes beating the cr@pe out of Tommy after that Drake gets suspended but you see him every day because since you had no where to go Drake offerd if you wanted to to stay with him at his palce and since you two where now officously dateing you accepted and you lived together from then on forth!
the end...!!!BRAVO!!

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