emo love story 2

emo love story 2

i hope you enjouy this story justa s mucha s you liked my other story!!

Chapter 3

a sad day for love...

you wake up around 6pm your about to fall back to sleep then you remeber your boyfriends party andf then remeber your parents and Drake and all your other problems so you get up and start to collect all you things and decide you'll ask your boyfriend to stay at his place so you open your closet then see a little box you open it up and see that their old photos of you your parents and your sister when you were younger then you sigh and say"I wish sis was here...(your sis died 2 years ago because of cancer) i miss her so much" and by the time you regain control you notice your cheeks are wet with tears you go and spread all the pictures out on the bed and your about to run down stairs then you stop you don't want a big dramatic leave so you go slip out the window and disappear into the night...an hour later your atyour boyfriends house/apartment you go up and talk to your boyfriend and you tell him everything about your day except the part about Drake and the fight and he says"sure why not" so you go in and go take a nap befor the party you wake up and hear music around you you go get your make up on and do your hair then get your dress on and right befor you get to the door your phone rings you check whos phoning and see it's your parents you awnser and you say in a harsh tone" what do you want?" then you hear them pleading you to come back home and saying" we just lost one daughter we don't want to lose another this soon!!" they keep pleading for you to atleast tell you where you were then right befor they say anything more you tell them in a stone cold voice" forget about it mom dad i'm not coming home you finally decided you've had enough of me and so i'll do as you wish i'll stay out of your lives forever because you drove a kn ife through my heart today and my heart isn't gonna heal anytime soon" and befoe they can put up another fight you hang up and run gown stairs your at the party for about 4 hours then you see Drake you and you see him start to come your way but he still hasn't noticed you yet then you get up and rght when your out of Drakes sight you bumb into your boyfriend and when you get a clear mind you notice he's been drink then he says" oh hey there's my little cinderella would you like to dance?" and he smiks but then you say" you know babe i just don't feel like dancing today ok?" you start to walk off then all of a sudden your bor friend grabs your hand and starts to squeezs really tight and you let out a little yelp and he brings you faceto face with him and says" let me ask you again would you like to dance?" at this time people are starting to stare and you say to him" let go of me i'm not gonna dance with you!!" and when you pull away you start to run for the stairs but then you here him coming after you then you look behind you and he slaps you with the back of his hand then grabs you by your hair and pulls you to the ground ou start to scream put he shushes you and says" now let me ask you again and he says would you like to dance" you start to protest but the you see people staring at you and looking at you with pitty then you look over your shoulder and see Drake staring at you and with anger and worry then you feel a little trickle of something wet run down your face you whip it off then see it's blood you stare at it then up at your bofriend whos getting really impatient so you have no choice to acceptso you stick you hand out and start to dance 2 hours later your upstairs in your room and see your lip is all cut up and your eyebrow has a cut on it also so when you get yourself all stiched up crawl into bed and right befor you fall asleep your boyfriend slams your door open and stands there and watches you and then you notice he reaks even more of beer and alchol and you can tell he's also in the mood so you tell him to go away but befor you can finish the scentince he's fighting with up trying to get on your bed all of a sudden you lose control and slap him then you relise you've switched him to an angry bull so you start to try and crawl into the bathroom but your boy friend catches you and brings you out onto the 6 story high porch and starts to dangle you over the edge you scream for mercy then he starts to yell at you" DO YOU LOVE ME? TELL ME THAT YOU LOVE ME OR I SWEAR I"LL LET GO!!!" you start to cry and scream for help then you fell him start to lose grip then you yell" I LOVE YOU I GIVE IN I LOVE YOU!!!" then your boy friend lifts you up and gives you a kiss and walks out then when he closes the door you fall to the floor an cry until you start tofall asleep and doze off... you wake around 6pm when the sun is still rising you decide you don't want to face your boy friend yet so you decide yuo'll spend the day in town when you get to your fav resturant and sit you look over at the other table and see Drake..DRAKE!! you then accitently hisper his name and he hears turns and sees you and when he sees you his eyes widen and then you see he's staring at your bruises and wounds h comes over sitts down and startes to uestion you about you and your boyfriends relasion ship then he asks a question that you wouldn't even have the slitest answer to" why do you love him?" you start to tell him everything but then he sees that you have more bruises on your face and says" didn't your boyfriend hit you on the other side of your face?" then you blush and say well after you guys left umm... and befor you know it your spilling out the hole story and by the time your heading home you look down and see Drakes phone number in your hand and relise your promised you'd text him later tonight but for some weird reason you felt like you were in the right place like you finally found your palce that made you happy but then you relised you still have your boy frind to take care of so you start to think about what your gonna do about this hole tangle your in....

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