Why the wind whispers.

Why the wind whispers.

Little story i came up with just for the fun of it. I'll apologies now for any bad spelling, grammar of punctuations. so sorry and enjoy!

Chapter 1

1. The Introduction

There are times in life that you feel like just giving up, times when your feet are hard to move, your body is slow and lethargic and all you want to do it just lay down and rest, all the time wishing the burden on your back would just go away. Folks, I'm sorry to tell you that life rarely is this way. There is no sitting down. no 'pause button' and no other way bar surviving to go on.

I suppose you are all looking at my words and thinking ' Who the hell does she think she is? What right does she have to measure the goodness in our lives?' Well, to tell you the truth, i have nothing except my experiences. My god-damn heart-harming soul-saving experiences. That, and a story. Just one little story. Would you like to hear it? Yes? No? For those who do, keep reading. And I'll show you something beautiful.

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