The Curse of Halloween (Chain Story)

A horror story about Halloween, not very original I know but I thought it'd be fun to make a chain story about it and see where it went.

Chapter 2


The supposedly nice lady gave them candy and they left. The were still suscpicious, but they could let it go. This is going to be a strange Halloween. This is actually known to be a strange neighborhood.
They decided to go to another house. They rang the doorbell. They waited for a few minutes. Nothing. They rang the doorbell again. They heard screaming inside the house. Somebody was yelling "You darn kids! Leave me alone!" It sounded like some creepy old woman. They're too old to think it was a witch. "Let's just go to the next house." Alisha said. "No. I need to see what's going on. Usually a nice mother with 2 kids lives here." Hannah replied. They rang the doorbell and knocked a few more times, and finally, somebody answered. "What do you want?" she said. From Alisha's guess, she was probably 70 years old. She wasn't dressed up at all, she was wearing pajamas. What's even weirder, she wearing a gown and nightcap. She was pretty strange.
"W-we just wanted some, uh, candy." Hannah told the woman. She was obviously scared. "Oh, candy?" the woman said in a suprisingly nice voice. "GET OUT!!!!!!" She yelled. There was obviously something wrong with this woman. "Can you tell us your name for a survey?" Hannah said. Alisha knew where she was going with this. "If it'll get you to go away." she said. "Oh it will." Alisha replied. "OK, Veronica Frank." the strange woman said. The woman, Veronica, slammed the door. Alisha took out her cell phone and looked up Veronica Frank online. What they saw surprised them.

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