Under Age & Out Of Control (22)

Chapter 1


My mother, Ms. Anne and Monica went to get something to eat in the hospital cafeteria which gave me and Damion more time to talk. I wouldn't let go of his hand. I had came way to close to losing him once. I don't want to take the chance again. "We must be immortal or something." I said breaking the silence. "Why?" Damion asked. "We lost a lot of blood. They should be holding a double funeral for us by now." I said. "We both had something to live for. We were very aware of our reasons we're alive. We knew what to fight for. Both of us. We have reasons." He replied. "How many reasons do you have to fight? To fight against death itself?" I asked. "Two. My parents. And you." He said. "How many reasons do you have?" He asked. "Three. My parents, you and my friends." I answered. "Aren't you just full of love." He joked. I laughed. "Yeah. Lots of love." I said.
As the time passed the wounds healed. The physical wounds healed. The emotional ones didn't. Me and Jamie both were having nightmares. Every little thing that moved scared us both. And at night, I didn't go outside alone. Even though Dani was in jail, I was still scared. We had court in a few weeks. I really wasn't looking forward to that.
The doctor had told me if I wanted to, I could try plastic surgery to try and get rid of the D branded in my stomach. But there was a chance that it wouldn't work so I wasn't going threw the trouble.
Halloween was getting close and that naturally sat off an extra freak attack often.
"Bea!" Jamie yelled running to me with his arms wide open. I smiled. "Jamie!" I replied holding my arms out as he ran into them. He hugged me tightly. "I missed you!" He exclaimed. "I missed you, too, Jamie bear!" I replied. I stood up, he had his arms wrapped tightly around my neck. I smiled. Brenda was walking slowly. I walked and met her half way. "Bri, I'm ever so sorry about what happened to you and Damion. If I would have thought the two of you were in any danger I would have never brought you in this mess. I'm so sorry." She apologized. "Brenda, don't worry. I've been in worse pain before." I said. She looked at her watch. "Are you sure your well enough to watch Jamie?" She asked concerned. "Yes. Don't worry. You've got a job to get to." I said. She nodded. She kissed Jamie's forehead and went to her car. Jamie twirled strands of my hair in his fingers. I was lost in my day dreams. "You know just standing there will get you ran over?" Damion asked. I jumped a little. I turned and faced him. "Where were you going?" He chuckled. "You startled me." I said. "Sorry." He said placing his arm around my waist. "Your forgiven. How'd you know I was here?" I asked. "Um, you text me." He said rolling his eyes a bit jokingly. "Oh. Right. Forgot." I replied. He smiled and kissed my forehead. "I see you picked up a hitchhiker along the way." He joked. I laughed.
Me and Damion was sitting in the living room. Jamie was laying on my bed getting a nap. "Is he still having the nightmares?" Damion asked. "Yeah. It seems like their getting worse to me. It scares him worse every time." I said. "Why did Dani want Jamie anyway?" Damion asked. "I don't know. He said he was getting him away from their mother and stuff. Dani's just a psycho. He always been that way. It just got worse with age." I said. Damion nodded understandingly. Before anything else could be said, Jamie screamed out. I jumped up and ran to my room where he was. He was crying very loudly. Reaching his arms out for me as I ran up to him. I picked him up and cradled him in my arms. "Its ok, Jamie. It was just a dream." I soothed him. I rocked and I cradled trying to get him to calm down some. It broke my heart to see him cry. I stroked his blonde hair as I walked around the room. His crying got more quiet. Damion was standing in the doorway leaning against the frame. I stopped there and stood there as Jamie fell asleep with his arms around my neck and tears still running down his face. "See what I mean?" I asked looking at Damion. He nodded. I wished so much that I could help Jamie stop having the nightmares. It was just awful. Beyond awful to see him waking up screaming. I wished so much that the nightmares would haunt me and not innocent little Jamie. He was still too young to understand that the nightmare was just a dream.
I laid him back on my bed and covered him up. I caressed his rose pink cheek. "I wish so much that I could have the nightmares instead of him." I whispered to Damion whom was standing beside me. "I know you do. It won't last forever. It'll fade from his mind soon." He whispered back. "Its been two and a half months, Damion. He hasn't forgot yet. I don't think he'll ever forget." I said. "Bri, he's two. When he's older he'll never remember it again." Damion assured me. I rested my head against his shoulder. "He'll forget soon." Damion whispered.
~Halloween Day~
I was sitting in my room when my phone rang. I answered. "Hello?" I asked. "Bri, its Monica. I was wondering, some of my younger cousins are going trick or treating tonight and I was wondering if you wanted to come. You can bring Jamie and whoever else you want. Please don't leave me with a herd of eight year old's!" She pleaded. I laughed. "Sure. I have some cousins of my own that want to go trick or treating and Bella and I'm sure Jamie would love it." I said. "Good. After we take them out trick or treating, there's a Halloween party at nine until midnight." She replied. "Ok. I'll see you tonight." I said. "Ok." She said and we hung up.
I called my cousins parents and Brenda and everyone was going. Now I was going to call Damion. I knew he would go but I was asking anyway.
~That Night~
We were walking down the street. The little kids running ahead of us. "Tell me again, what exactly are you supposed to be?" Damion asked. I sighed an annoyed sigh. "Ok. I don't know! How bout that? I have no idea what I am." I said. I lied. My make-up was along the lines of Andy Six's. Inspired more like it. He laughed. "I know what you, baby. I won't tease you anymore." He said putting his arm around me. "Don't think I'll forgive you so easily." I joked. "I know you will. I know you too well." He said.


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