My personal Werewolf! (Embry Call love story)

Hey pplz this a Story about Embry Call DUHH!
My charaters names are
Perla-mrshardylutz-Embry's imprint
Me(maria)-AliceCullen11_Forever-Jacob's imprint
Dani-A_Fallen_Demigod-Seth's imprint
And the rest of the charaters you all know
the wolf pack
the cullens all those pplz! So yah enjoy!

Chapter 3

Your all werewolves? AWSOME!

When Paul finally came home I asked him "Where were you" "Patr- I mean i was out with Rachel for awhile why?" "Just asking god I can't ask a question?"
"No relax Perla"
I rolled by eyes. He sat next to me and said "Were having a bonfire tonite want to come?"
"Sure whatever"
"Perla are you okay?"
"Yah I'm fine it's just Sam seems like he's always giving you a comand something you hav to do even if you dont want to why is that?"
He didn't say anything at 1st then said
"Well it's just.....just because"
"That's not an answer Paul-"
"I'll tell you later okay is that better" he said pissed off
"Alright relax god"
He got up and went outside leaving me alone again. I wanted to know why they all followed Sam around like little puppies. It was really weird but if I knew one then about my cousin him and that little secert of his would soon be tolded. I mean come on I am his cuz what is he hidding that is sooo important to them that it can't be tolded. I was family come it's not that hard. If it was that would be understandable.

Later~ At the bonfire I saw everyone and went over to Embry and said "Hey"
"Hey whats up?"
"Nothin' what's this all about?"
"Nothin' just when we tell the stories of our tribe"
I nodded and said "So everyone comes?"
"Yah it's not a big thing but yah"
The one thing I saw was that most of the guys here had girlfriends.
"Why are all the guy perpared up with a girl"
"Oh i see you saw almost everyone had a girlfriend yah they all do but the reason is a little hard to understand"
"Oh really?"
"What are all their names?"
"The one with Jared is Kim, the one with Seth is Dani, the one with Sam is Emily, the one with Jacob is Maria and the one with Quil is Claire (i made her older in the story)
I nodded
"And i think you know Rachel and paul are together"
I nodded
He smiled and i had to ask "What bout you, you gotta girl?"
"Yah i wish"
"So no"
"I mean your nice guy i don't see why no one would want to be your girlfriend"
He smiled and I smiled back and soon they were telling the stories. After that Paul said "Sam we need to tell her" "Okay then go ahead" "Perla"
My head turned up.
"You want to know our big secert?"
"YES just tell me"
"okay well here it is....Were all werewolves"
My jaw hit the floor and I asked again "Your all werewolves?"
"Yes, yes Perla we are werewolves"
"wait what?" they all asked
"That's so cool I mean come on that has to be the awsomeist thing ALIVE!"
They all looked at me weird.
"Are you kiding you think that's AWSOME!"Sam asked
"Yah I mean come on don't you guys like it?"
"Yah I guess" They all said
"Well there you go"
"But one thing 1st"
"What?" Paul asked
"Show me"
"What?" they asked
"That you guys are werewolves"

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