My personal Werewolf! (Embry Call love story)

Hey pplz this a Story about Embry Call DUHH!
My charaters names are
Perla-mrshardylutz-Embry's imprint
Me(maria)-AliceCullen11_Forever-Jacob's imprint
Dani-A_Fallen_Demigod-Seth's imprint
And the rest of the charaters you all know
the wolf pack
the cullens all those pplz! So yah enjoy!

Chapter 24

Marry Me?

What she's wearing:

1 year Later~

It has been almost a year sense Emmett told me he loved me, but I have told myself I don't love him.
He hasn't been around, so that's good. Me and Embry have been great, but I feel bad that I never told him about Emmett Kissing me. I knew he would be so mad so it really never came up. Thank God!!!

"Embry What are we doing?"
We were at the beach the sence around us was perfect.
"Perla, I love you, you know that right?"
"Yes, Embry what are you doing. Just tell me please"
He got down on one knee and I was about to cry
"Perla, I love you to death, Marry Me?" he asked
I stopped breathing..... what was I going to tell him?
"Embry.....Yes" i said
"Yes?' he asked
"YES YES YES!!!!!"
I pushed him on the sand and kissed him and he kissed back.

At Em's~

The Girls (Em Maria Dani Kim) and shouted
I nodded and they screamed all the guys covered there ears;
"OKAY RELAX!!!!" I said
They relaxed and grabbed my hand to look at the ring, all the guys said congratz too.

Later that night~
Embry took me home and kissed me goodnight.
i went inside and Emmett was standing right in the living room.

"Your getting Married?" he said mad, Uh-oh!

Author's Note
Sorry It's short this is chapter 23 read comment and rate thanks

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