My personal Werewolf! (Embry Call love story)

Hey pplz this a Story about Embry Call DUHH!
My charaters names are
Perla-mrshardylutz-Embry's imprint
Me(maria)-AliceCullen11_Forever-Jacob's imprint
Dani-A_Fallen_Demigod-Seth's imprint
And the rest of the charaters you all know
the wolf pack
the cullens all those pplz! So yah enjoy!

Chapter 2

My best day ever!

After awhile of getting to know them all Embry came over and said "Hey I was wondering if you would like to hang out sometime?" "Umm sure I loved to" He smiled and so did I. Then Sam snapped us out of it. They laughed at us and then Jacob and Quil said "Can we talk to you again!" "Yah sure".

Embry's POV~
Jacob and Quil and I went outside to talk Jacob said "Okay are you CRAZY?" "NO why what's wrong?" "Dude you imprint on Paul's little cousin, The guy is going to KILL you!" Quil said. "OKay maybe he will but he doesn't have to know about now does he?" "What?" they both said. "Look as long as we don't tell him everything is okay" "That's not a good idea he will find out" Jake said "Well as long as you keep both of your mouths shut and don't say a Fvckin word to Paul I'm okay" "Yah good luck with that" Quil said. Then we went back inside.

Perla's POV~
When they came back inside they looked like they were still talking to each other about something. They had me wondering what were they talking about Quil looked at sam as if telling him something with just that one look.

Next Day~
I woke up and went down stairs and saw a note on the table. Paul was gone. Go figure. I got dressed and ready for my day with Embry. When I got out of the house and Turned around I saw Embry"Oh god" "Sorry" he said 'god damn it he is soooo cute!' "It's okay what are you doing here?" "Were hanging out right?" "Yah so let's go". We went to the beacha dn we talked and walked around for awhile then we heard a loud howl. I asked and said "Are there wolves near by?" "Yah but they won't hurt you" I nodded. Then we heard Sam say "Embry come we gotta go" "I have to-" "I know you should go". He smiled and left.
Then i went home and waited for Paul to come home. And then go to a bonfire with him tonite. I couldn't wait to go. I have never been to one before but yet it seemed like it was going to be fun everyone we knew was going to be there so I guess it was going to be fun. But the real reason I was excited is because I really couldn't wait to see Embry again. God I wish he would just ask me out. I mean it's not that hard.......Is it?

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