City In The Sky

When Samantha loses her mother, her last living family member, her world comes tumbling down. She is just one of millions of victm of the dark plague. When a distress signal is sent out, the children left on the planet called earth rush to their star ships to escape from a dying planet. Will they survive alone in space?

Chapter 1


by: Tootey
Sitting in the bright, luscious, green field, I think to myself; why cant the whole world be like this; quiet and peaceful. Unfortunately, the world is no longer what it use to be. We can rarely find a tree and flowers are scarce. Apparently, there use to be green life all over. Now the sky is brown and little light comes through the fog covering the once azure sky. Someone very wise once said to me “We are going to kill ourselves before the world does it for us” I never would thought it could have been true. Now, It’s just a matter of time before the end.

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