Story With No Title

i do part 0 cuz part 0 just like the intro kinda thing.
Btw this story might be kinda boring.

Chapter 1

Part 0-Running Away

I put the note on the table and walk out the door. Now...I run. I have no clue where I'm going...but...I'm not going back. No matter if I die of hunger...I wont ever turn back. My mother is to mean...I'm just glad she lets me stay home-alone sometimes.
I hate enough food and water to last 2 weeks if I only ate 1 thing a day. And I hat 14 water bottles, and 1 thing of toothpaste. I kept running until I got really tired. I found an abondond shack that happened to have a bed in it. I slept for about 5 hours. When I woke up, I was hungry. But I wasn't going to eat enless I really needed it. I walked for a while.Then I was really tired...all I could find was some grass. least its...soft....I only slept 2 hours this time. And then I felt like I really needed food. I took out a poptart. I ment to eat 1 of the 2 that were in this little pouch...but i was really hungry. Then I continued walking. Later I got really thirsty. So I drank half a water bottle. Then I continued walking.
Some amount of days later(I'm not keeping track) I found this abandoned tree house. With a bed, a cubord, and Shelf...with sum books that crumbled when i tryed to take them out. Then I noticed a latter. I climbed up and found some vegtable seeds hiding in a branch. Eww...brocalie. But I would eat it if I had to.
There was also strawberry seeds, Onions(yum, i love onions), and patatos. I climbed the latter sum more, and found tin foil. I would put that to good use. Look a bucket! And it was I can use it to collect water. I needed a job though.
The next day I walked a few miles to this one didn't have a name. I'm gunna call it, "the store." but it was small...and had all the stuff I might need, and it said "Help Needed" In the window. So I walked in. At the stores only counter, there was pretty but bored looking girl. She had dark hair, and was waring a tag that said " Floria: Manager" So I walked up to her and said "Hi...can I apply for a job?" and she said "Sure, whats your name?" and I said "Latasha Tice" then she started typing. "Here" she said handing me a name tag and some cloths. "Where this tomarow." I smiled. "K thanks bye." I said. She said "Bye" as I walked away.

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