Vampire Hate and Love .

KAy if you have taken my quiz What`s you Personalty quiz (Girls only ) . Well my book is going to have them in it . !! They are gonna be diffrent points of view . Astra Rose or Violet Star .

Chapter 1

Dad (part 1 )

by: MythAngel
I got in the plane , ready to see leaves and green . As I got on the plane my mom begging for me to stay . " Astra you can , Stay you don`t have to go ," " Mom I am either going to Forks or Looking for my actual parnets ? What is it . " " Fine , You come home if you don`t want to stay ." I hopped on the plane . After the plane I got in the car . Once I got home I noticed a truck . " Dad who`s truck is that ? " "yours ." I jumped up and gave him a huge hug . We walked inside , I jogged up the stairs . " Astra your room`s on the left ." I went in my room I stared it was awesome . " Thanks Dad . " It had one brown / black wall and the rest was a sea night color . I heard the doorbell ring .

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