My Life as a celebrity......

just for fun

Chapter 4


Hi I'm ..Ellie (AKA Katie).
I'm twins with jasmine and my others sisters are Lexi and Hannah and Brit.
Brit isn't actually related to me in any way but she's one of my many BFFs:
Tay,Brit,Justin,Selena,Miley,Gabriella,Skylar,Avril,Avery,Abigail,Ellie,Anna,Isabelle,Dacey,Alice,Abby,Carrie,Laura,Kerry and Marion.
I teach a streetdance class and some of the people here have accused me of 'stealing' Katie Babyfayce's pictures.
I may be Katie Babyfayce , I may not and that's one of the secrets I will trust you with when you talk to me for a while.
My lesson: Lifes short so just live it, never take anything for granted and never lie it'll only get you into tight situations.

Bye -Ellie/Katie

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