Stay.. A Nick Jonas love story..

Okay, so this is the first part/chapter of my new stroy. I'm gonna do this one AND One Week.. So please let me know what you think, and also what you think sould happen in One Week.. next. Can I get 5 comments please.. Thank you..

Chapter 1

Chapter 1...

Hello.. I'm going to write this story AND One Week.... So let me know what you think.. Thank you..

Stay... Nick Jonas Love Story.

‘Hold On’ blasted through my phone and bringing me out of my lovely sleep. Looking at my phone the time was 10:30, still too early. I reached a hand under my pillow and turned it off, rolling over I looked around my room before slowly getting up and going to the toilet. I walked down stairs and sat on the sofa. “Good morning.” My mum said as my younger brother ran into the person on his game. “Meh.” I said closing my eyes. “What are we doing today?” I asked opening my eyes and looking at my mum. “Tiding up. Some old friends of mine and her family are in town and are coming over and staying the week.” She said. “Have I met them before?” I asked. “When you were very little. She’s got 4 boys. The eldest is 23 and is married, then ones 20 and 18 and the youngest is 10. The last time we saw them was when we lived in London, but they live in America and haven’t really been here often.” Mum said. “Alright.” I said getting up and going back up stair. “Make the bed up in the attic!” My mum shouted up the stairs. I spent most of that day tiding up upstairs.
Your probley wondering who I am right? Well my name is Alexandra Carter, I’m 17 and live in Wakefield (UK). I’ve got my mum and dad, a little brother called Tom (10) and sister called Millie (6). I love the colour red and I can’t walk in heels well. I’m not slim and not fat, and I’m 5.2, but still taller then year 7’s! When I was 7 I moved up to Wakefield from London.
“So.” I said walking into the kitchen the next day. “There are 6 of them. Where is everyone going to sleep?” I asked my mum. “Well, Denise and Paul will be in Tom’s room, Millie will be in with me and dad. Tom and Frankie in the study. Then the boys and Danielle in the big attic room and you in yours.” She said counting them all off on her fingers. I walked out of the room thinking about how familiar all those names sounded. I could hear my mum laughing behind me, “What?” I asked turning around. “Oh, you’ll understand when they arrive, go get ready. They’ll be here by 4:30.” She said putting something in the oven. I let it go for now, going upstairs and into my room. I pulled on my black skirt, red vest top, straightened my hair, a bit of eyeliner, mascara and blusher and I was ready. And it was only 4:00, so I went down to the study and logged on to twitter and facebook for half an hour. I heard a car door slam outside and a knock at the door then came the shout from my mum “Alex! Come down, there here!” I sighed and closed the internet before getting up and walking straight into the door. “Ow!” I shouted rubbing my head. I could hear people laughing down stairs, I didn’t think I was that loud, I thought to myself. I carried on walking down stairs only stopping when I reached the bottom, looking up and seeing, three boys I never thought I’d get to met in person. “B-b-b-but.. Them.. And.. What..” I strutted looking at my mum, she just laughed and said “Alex, met Denise, Paul, Frankie, Kevin and Danielle, Joe and Nick Jonas..”

First part, the next will be coming soon...

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