Jacob Black Loves Me (10)

Jacob Black Loves Me (10)

omfg im so happy i made it to number 10 i changes it to a story cause im pretty sure having to re-take the quiz over and over again must be pretty annoying. lol ok ENJOY <3 btw today is my bf Jacob and I aniversarry !! <3 isnt that cute cuz its 10/10/10 and we both made a wish on 10:10 an ACTUALLY MAD 10 SECONDS haha sorry if ur lik " i did not need to know that " lol but im happy haha wich is why i started number 10 today :D ok like i was saying ENJOY !!!

Chapter 1

The Talk...and Final Decision

" i cant believe i have to break up with her...no" Sam then runs into the room to check on him because he hears you moving and you arent fully healed yet. " Jake, what are you doing ! do you wnt your bones to have to be broken again ! thats gona kill ___ to worry about you again. Lay back down...and thats a command !!" Sam can be pretty hard on me but i know he cares. After i unwillingly lay back down as he starts to walk away he sees another silent tear slide down my cheek " hey buddy....whats wrong? you should be happy you just got your imprint, this is great...right ?" After that i really started crying and yelled" YES i JUST got her ! and now i gotta break up with her" Sam look really confussed " now why would you do that ?" " last night... i hurt her...i killed her...well in my dream...but i know its gonna happen one day ...and i WILL NOT allow that ! i love her TOO MUCH " sam looked sympathetic and said " Jake, i know you are trying to help her but thats only hurting her..trust me after i did that to Emily she was crushed and so was I but if you really love her you will learn to control yourself...i know its hard but...um...jus take what you see from me and Emily and use that as a lession. Whenever you think about "transforming" picture Emily and that WILL help...i promise." and with that he leaves me. " ok ..i got this..ima call her"
" hi is this __?"
" ya, hi Jacob ! "
shes so happy.. i love that
" lol jake are you there haha u got quiet"
i love her laugh ! its adorable
" ha ya im here um will you come over..i wanna see you and im still ot healed yet..."
" of course i will just give me like 15 minutes or so ill b there "
" thankx ill see you soon love you ..bye "
" haha i love you too bye !"
I cant break up with her , i would die. Shes so happy and caring and energetic...my everything. If anyone hurts her i swear i will kill them ! O god im shaking " SAM come here now HELP" Sam runs in and stops me right before i transform. I start crying again " you see ! now what if ____ was in the room !? i would have hurt her !!" " but you controlled it didnt you ! you didnt even transform in the first place. You love her dont you ! you can controll this ! " than he leaves " i dont know if i can..." i wisper to myself. I think about it and i finally make my decision " i know i love her" i say to myself. Then she walks in " aww i love you too Jakey lol..sorry.." i look up and say " you have no idea how happy that makes me when you say that " i say smiling " lol i love your smile..its sooo cute " then she pinches my cheeks " o come on ha stop it !" she laughs and then kisses me with her soft and warm lips. " i love yu so much Jacob Black" i look into her eyes and say " i wish you could feel how much i love you...then you would know .."
" Jake, i know im not a wolf or anything but im pretty sure i love you more thatn you love me "
" aww thats cute __ but thats impossible " you say " psh whatever" and then you both start laughing. " __ i have to tell you something.." you get quiet and say " ok what " TBC !!!


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