Another Love story(Twilight)

Another Love story(Twilight)

hope you guys like.And if you guys think i should do something to fix it please tell me

Chapter 1

New home

It's my first day of school today in Forks.I've lived here before but i moved before i started highschool.I asked my mom if we could stay were we used to live till i finished my sophomore year but we moved about 4 months before it ended.Genius right.I hope people from junior high still remember me.And thats a minor chance.My uncle lives on La Push with my cousin Joseph.To bad he goes to school there.
I started getting ready for school.I dressed casual with some dark blue skinny jeans, a long `sleeved shirt ,and some converse.There's no point in getting all ready.I went down stairs to eat breakfast before i left but i was to nervous to eat anything.Gosh if i had started in the beginning of my junior, everything would have been easier.Moms offered to drive to school today but i'll rather walk since school is only two blocks away and i need to get used this place again.Man do i miss the warm sun upon my face.As i got closer to school i had thoughts of just going back but i knew i wouldnt be able to do that so i took a deep breath and walked in my suprise i was early.I mean how did that even happen?Maybe my clock was wrong.I decide to check if the front office was open so i could get my schedule and it was."thank God" i thought to myself.
"Hello dear,may i help you," said the receptionist.
"Yes,I came to get my schedule, My name is ____," I replied.
"Oh yes,"she said while looking through a file cabinet,"here you go dear.Hope you have a wonderful first day,"she hands me my schedule.
"Thank you,"I grab the schedule and walk out.More people were showing and as I walk they start staring at me.I hate being the center of attention.
"Hey you're new here right?"I hear behind me.As I turn around I see a good-looking guy with aqua blue eyes,dirty blonde hair,and a really nice smile.
"Yeah um I am.,"I reply.
"Hi,Im Brian."he stook his hand out.
"Uh Hello,I'm ____"I shook his hand.
"Would you like me to show you around?"he asked.
"yeah sure,"i replied.
"May i see your schedule?"he asked.I hand him my schedule.
"Well look it here.It seems we have first period together,"he grinned.As he said that the bell rung.
"Looks like we better get going then."I say.
As I walk to class with him,we talk about how i moved back and stuff like that.
When i walked in class i hoped that the teacher wouldnt make me introduce myself.Luckly he did that for me.To bad i couldn't get to sit next to Brain.
"Hey I'm Ashley."the girl I sat next to me said.
"Oh hey I'm ___"i reply.
"What grade are you in?"Ashley asked.
"I'm a sophmore."
"And youre in Algebra 2?You must be really smart then."she said
"No I'm really not,"I disagreed in a chuckle.
"We should hang out at lunch."
"Okay."I agree.
While I was walkin to english,my second period class,I felt so embarrased because yet again everyone was staring.I hurried in my class and to add to the embarrasment my english teacher made me introduce myself.I knew i was going to hate this class.I met alot of people though.So that was good.Third period went by faster than i expected.Now fourth period which is P.E.I hate p.e. so much.I'm not quite good at sports you know.
"Hey you're ____ right?"I heard someone say .As i turned i was astonished at how perfect this person who said this was.
"Uh Um Yeah,"I stutterd.
"Im Emmett,"He chuckled.
"Nice to meet you,"Was all i could manage to say.I felt so stupid.I could tell he was trying not to laugh which made me feel embarresed.
"Wanna play a little basketball?"he asked.
"sure but I gotta warn you, I'm not that good"I replied.
"Oh it's okay,I'm sure your not that bad."he smiled.He handed me the ball.I threw the ball but instead of making it into the net I accidently hit someone in the head.
"Oh gosh I'm so sorry!"I apologized.all I heard was Emmetts booming laugh.
"I see what you mean,"he said
I was to embarrased to say anything.Finally p.e was over and it was time for world history.As i walked into history ,I noticed another guy that was just as perfect as Emmett.But he looked at me wierd.And guess what?The only seat avaliable was next to him.I knew this wasn't going to be pleasant.As I sat in the desk i hid my face behind my hair.Great my whole day was going good,now some stupid perfect boy had to ruin it.I tried not to get bothered by his reaction but i could notice through my hair that he was staring at me.I couldnt wait for this class to be over with.I was so deep in thought that i did't notice Ms.Lewis,my history teacher.had asked me a question.Someone tapped me on my shoulder and thats when i finally snapped out of it.
"What was the question again?"I could feel myself blushing with embarrasment.
"When did War World 2 start?"She repeated herself.
"1939?"I replied questionally .She smiled then turned around."Please hurry up and end "I thought to myself.I gazed at the boy who was now looking at me in confusion.After what seemed like forever the bell finally rang.I was going to ask whatever his face was, what his problem was but to my suprise he was already out the door.It was time for lunch.I sat next to Brian and Ashley.Some other people came and sat next to us.
"__ this is Mark, Melanie, Sophia, and Andrew." Ashley said.
"Hi," I replied.
"Why hello there, beautiful" Andrew said which made me blush.
"Hi ," Melanie greeted.
"Wanna go out?" Mark said.Ashley smacked him in the arm.I just looked down at the table.
"How are you liking the school and Forks?" Sophia asked.
"Oh um it's nice but I prefer the sun better."I replied."and i like this school better than my old one."
"Where did you used to live?" Andrew asked.
"Palms Springs." I replied.
"I heard it was nice there.And that the school was huge."Ashley replied.
"Yeah it is,"I said.
"So why didn't you like it?" Melanie asked.
"Because the way some people acted."I replied.
"Oh,"she said.We all talked for a while and then Emmett walked by and said hey.The girl next to him glared at me.She was so beautiful.I just stared down at the table when i saw her.Behind was another guy and gril just as perfect as them.And behind them was the guy that i had for history.When i noticed he saw me i quickly looked away.
"You know Emmett Cullen?" Sophia asked suprised.
"Yeah I have him for P.E."I replied.The bell rang and it was time to go to sixth period which was earth science.And yet again he was there.Why did the only seat availabe have to always be next to him.I went to sit down.
"Hello I'm Edward Cullen,"I heard him say.I turned to see who he was talking to and he was looking straight at me."You must be _


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