Meeting Justin Bieber

Meeting Justin Bieber

I was bored and I thought this would be fun!!! Remember, it's all fake. None of this happened!!!!

Chapter 3

chapter 3: 7- evelen

When we arrived, we saw a huge line of girls waiting to meet him. great i thought. its a billion degrees out here and my make up will be ruined by the time i see Justin. hey, there's a 7- eleven down the street, lets go there and get something to drink said Lucy. okay! dad, hold our place in line i yelled as me, Lucy and Hannah started to walk across the street. when we finally got there, we were laughing and joking around. i went to get the waters while the other two were picking out food. i heard the front door chime and ignored it. yeah yeah. i heard some deep voice say. then some guys laughed. whatever Ryan said one of the guys. i cant believe no one saw us ditch that. they sounded familiar but i reminded myself why i was here. getting water. i juggled the four waters in one hand and picked up my phone. it read dad calling. i answered it what dad? people are going to be let in, in about 20 minutes. okay i said. bye. i hung up and then the waters in my hand fell and tumbled on the ground. damn it! i said. i touched the water bottle and someone else touch it right after me and i looked up and gasped...

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