Meeting Justin Bieber

Meeting Justin Bieber

I was bored and I thought this would be fun!!! Remember, it's all fake. None of this happened!!!!

Chapter 2

The Perfect Outfit

I coudn't decide so I called my boyfriend Jake. He told me to wear a grey beanie, grey high heels, light wash skinny jeans and a black shirt that says "JB" all over it. I took his advice, but then I realized, 2 hours before the concert I have to pick out the best make up look. My friends and I decided go to Macys to get a new lipstick for me. After 1 hour and 20 mins we got home with the perfect shade of pink. When we got home with exactly 40 mins to get to the concert, I ran to my vanity speared on that perfect shade of pink, put on just the right ammount of lady speed stick, squirted on pink with a splash of sweet and flirty perfume, put on mascara and got my purse. Once I was done Lucy, Hannah, Dad and I jupped in my black ferrari and got to the concert.

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