Difficult Relationship (Justin Bieber Love Story)

I have a lot of stories saved in my computer and it's about time i send them here :)

Chapter 1

1 boy can change my mind

It all started about a year ago 30th of August 2010,when it started to hurt, I tried getting over it but it never left my side. However I managed to cope with it and this is the story. I was waiting for Alyssa and Juliet to come to school, I sat on the bench tapping my right foot, I start to wonder why I can't help tapping my foot like that. I looked at the happy couples holding hands and cuddling, I never really had experience, you know having a boyfriend, I wish I would have a boyfriend one day,my parents are strict so maybe that's why i never have one or else my Annoying brother will tell, but on the other hand maybe I'm not that attracted to boys like Alyssa and Juliet. I was thinking so deep I never noticed Justin sitting beside me, I jupmed in surprise,he laughed at my expresion "you should have seen your face Thea, you've been so jumpy lately and you've been in a lot of trance like yester day, what's wrong?" Justin said with concern in his voice, I was never this close to him before, looking at him makes me fall in love with him more and more, his toffee like eyes his brown hair pink lips and his hair style. "uh, well there is but it's kind of embarrassing, uh so what brings you here with me? aren't you suppose to be with Ryan and your other friends? not that i'm buzzing you away, don't you think they're uhh looking for you?" i said stuttering this is so awkward he might get the idea that i like him, i wish he won't notice. "well that's a lot of question...the thing that brings me here is I saw you alone so I decided to talk to you.. I mean i should talk to the new girl and you're Juliet and Alyssa's friend so i will talk to you" I can't believe he is talking to me "Justin? i was new 3 months ago" i laughed and he nodded in agreement "ok, but is still feel your new, anyway second question i dont want to hang out with them yet cause i want to talk to you, third question they won't you'll see" his smile is as beautiful as a flower growing to forest, the sun glowing to his hair making it light brown. I smiled at his answer and we stayed quiet, sucessfully he forgot the thing i was going to say to him, i was going to say something until Justin had spoken before me "whats date today?" Justin asked "28th of August" before he could answer Alyssa came "Hi! Thea, Hi! Justin" she said in delight, Justin just smiled at her "hey, see you later Thea" he said and went back to his friends who was waiting there patiently for him. "so Thea what was happening when i wasn't here yet?" Alyssa said scooting me while she was getting exited to know the answer "Alyssa nothing happend, we just talked about a few things and then you came, nothing important" i said standing up and picking up my bag, Alyssa follwed as I walked with a smile on my face, she grabbed my arm and twirled me to face her "come on tell me, i need to know too, I mean he's the hottest guy here and My ex!, so tell me what did you guys talking about?" she said forcing me to spit it out. Alyssa still likes Justin and I know that, I never told her who I like, since we liked the same boy, I don't want our friendship to end just like what happened to her and Rissa. Last year Justin liked Alyssa and he asked her out but of course a lot of girls seemed angry at Alyssa, and that's what caused the end of Alyssa and Rissa's friendship. Rissa got angry to Alyssa since she kept it secret from her and only her, Alyssa told everything to Rissa, Rissa thought she was Alyssa's best friend but she was wrong. There was a part of Alyssa that none of the people in school likes and it's being self-centred and she always talks about different boys, and It annoys Juliet a lot, especially when Alyssa forces you to do something like what she is doing to me. Alyssa keeps shaking my arm until I got out of the trance, I looked at her face and tried to be as serious as possible, she started making a puppy-dog face on me making her a bit cute, her bangs covering her right eye and her long blond hair on one side of her shoulder, and her sky blue eyes staring at me. "Alyssa I'm telling you nothing happened ok?" a smile just came out of no where making her get the idea that I was lying since i was smiling "oh! see you're smiling you're hiding something" she forced once again, acting like a kid forcing her Mom to buy her a lolly just then before i could answer Juliet came the the rescue again "Alyssa she said nothing, don't force the poor girl" Juliet said hugging me then Alyssa. Juliet is a kind outgoing girl, she is always there everytime i needed her big time! Juliet has always been a smiley face that little smile of hers never left her perfect tan face, as boys say hi to her she would just roll her eyes and ignore the boys not like Alyssa. Juliet tied up her hair since it was getting hot, her hair is longer than Alyssa her brown hair falls perfectly without her even touching it by herself, she tied it on a bun as always. The bell rang and it was time to go to class. "Ugh! i have maths" i complained and Alyssa and Juliet always laughed when i make a face "see you guys at first lunch" i walked on the opposite side making my way to maths, as i walked slowly in path i breath in and smell the fresh air aorund me hearing the trees banches rustle as the wind blows on the east. I skipped around until two warm hands covered my eyes. "guess who?" the voice was soft and low pitch and high pitch at the same time, i never heard this voice before but maybe i should just guess "umm let me think...Joe Jonas?" i giggled, trying to remove his hands "nope i am way better than him" the voice said, who is this i seriously never recognise his voice. I stayed silent so he can give up and remove his hands "do you give up, Althea Camerons?" how did he know my name? i wasn't that famous like Juliet and Alyssa and beides the only guy i know is well none...yet. "ok,ok i give up and how did you know my name?" he removed his hands and jumped infront of me "how can i not know you? your one of the popular girls in the school" he said "I am? i didn't think i was popular? i mean...never mind" he raised one eyebrow to me, making him look cute in my opinion, his green eyes with a hint of blue looking at me, he was wearing a hat then removed it when i looked at it he had this Justin Bieber hair style but not as perfect. " I'm Jake Cardile by the way and i guess you didn't notice me but i'm in your maths class,maybe you were just too busy studiying or something I noticed that you're a brainy one eh?" Jake said and smiled at me "well thats whhat happens if you have super strict parents" i rolled my eyes after making him giggle a bit "can i walk with you to class?" he asked "i don't mind, i mean we are in the same class" i glance a smile at him "ok, so Althea" he said suddenly being followed by an awkward silence, we kept walking and i looked up to him and strared at his perfect nose and lips and i didn't even notice i was staring at him completely "uhh Althea? is there something on my face?" he stopped walking and waiting for my answer, i walked and he followed i turned to the left and bumped into Justin making my heart beat faster than before "oh! i'm sorry i was in a hurry" i said panicking "no it's ok" he said "Althea, you wanna go to class we might be getting late" Jake interupt and smiled at Justin but Justin gave Jake i glare instead of a smile. I looked at Justin disturbed "Come on Jake let's go to class" i pulled him with me hurrying and not looking back at Justin who i felt was staring at Jake and i. We came in the class and we stood at the door staring back at the class who was staring at us and thats when i noticed I was holding Jake's hand. I removed my hand quickly and sat at the spot where I usually sit on, lucky the teacher wasn't there yet,Jake sat at the back with his friends and i could feel him look at me. the class started and we started writing down notes "next week we are having our exam, and i need you students to be quiet and focus on your work" Mr. Luke said "i am going to let you pick your partners, so you can help each other at studying this because this is important" he continued. I hate it when the teacher does that, he knows i dont know anyone and no one wants to be my partner, I always sit alone in the corner where i can look at the outside and day dream. Someone sat on the sit beside mine and guess...it was Jake Cradile, i looked at him like 'what are you doing here' "what don't stare at me like that, i always have the same person as my partner and i want to hav a different one like you" he grinned at me, to be serious his smile is a killer anyoone girl would die for that smile, how can not he be popular i mean he's got looks a great smile what girls would have dreamed of. I dont like Jake or anything like that i just think he is cute. "Jake?" i grabbed his attention "what is it Thea? can i call you that?" he said "you already did anyway, so yea" he laughed "why did Justin look at you like that? you know when we walked past him before we get to class" i asked, he frowned when i said that , this is not good "oh! you saw that...well umm It's a long story" he said not making eye contact with me "and dont say i've got time" he laughed still not making eye contact. I wonder what happened, Jake looks so disturb when i asked the question,i shouldn't have, i feel sorry for Jake.

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