The Power Of Friendship READ INTRO

The Power Of Friendship READ INTRO

It's going to be written in ADISSON'S POV!

Chapter 3

I Felt Safe

I started falling and I screamed.
Maybe I was meant to die. Maybe this was meant to happen. Maybe moving here was a good thing.
Isn't your life supposed to flash before your eyes when you die?
I felt myself jerk to a stop and an arm was around my waist. "You didn't think I'd rally let you get away with $2000 did you?"
Chris pulled me up and I looked at him. "You'd rather have me live and get $2000 than me dead and you still get $2000 from my dad?"
He looked thoughtful. We both stood up and he nodded. "Good idea." He put his hands on my shoulders and started to push me back but I grabbed his shirt collar and pulled myself to his chest.
I felt safe.
It was a new sensation for me and I liked it. I put my face in his chest and he smelled like apple spice. He chuckled and I didn't feel like looking up. "You aren't dumb enough to die with me." I mumbled and he put an arm around me, shortly followed by the other arm.
"You don't know me very well." He said but didn't make a move for the edge.

Chris's POV~

I looked down at her dark brown hair. She sighed and I wanted to hold her closer but I didn' took all my will power, but I didn't. Her breath slowed to a normal beat and she sighed. "Nice try," I said and she pulled her hands away from my back pockets.
"You're an asss," she mumbled.
"You want my asss." I said and she pushed away.
"Oh what-ev-er!" She walked past me and walked to her house. I just smiled, put my hands in my pockets, and watched as she left.

Normal POV~

I walked home and stopped with my hand over the doorknob. "Chris," I said and turned around. He looked at me surprised that I knew he was there. I let my hand drop, I put my hands in my pockets, and looked at my shoes. "You aren't going to tell my dad are you?" I looked up and he was standing over me.
"Actually, yah I'm telling your dad." I frowned. "Well...let's go. It's your house, you can open the door." He said, pulled my hand out of my pocket, and put it on the doorknob.
A tear splashed onto his hand which was on my arm. "C'mon," he said more gently and I opened the door.
"Dad!" I yelled shakily. He had been in his bedroom and was hungover.
"What the hell do you want? Where the fvck have you been?" He yelled and slammed his fist into the wall. I flinched and jumped back; into Chris's chest. My dad came out into the hallway and his tirant stopped when he saw Chris. "Oh, Chris, let's all go into the kitchen." He said and Chris pushed me after my dad into the kitchen.
"Ok, why are you here boy?" My dad asked and Chris started talking.
"Your daughter was walking in the middle of the road, I swerved to prevent from hitting her and I hit a pole which fell on my car. It's roughly $2000 for the repairs." The $2000 tipped off my dad.
He turned and looked at me; I had stood behind him and Chris had stood in front of him. "Dad, I..." His right fist connected with me cheek. I fell and held me cheek.
"You biitch!" He yelled and kicked me. I coughed and held my torso. "You," kick. "Should have," another kick. "Just hit her!" Another series of kicks.
"Mr. Love! Stop!" Chris yelled and my dad just kept kicking me. I fell on my back and he put his foot on my right ribcage and stepped with all of his pressure. I heard a sickening crack and I screamed. "Back. Off!" Chris growled and shoved my dad back, into the table.
"That biitch will learn!" He yelled. I was trying to breathe without hurting anymore but it was impossible. My dad tried to get around Chris, but Chris held his hand out and said, "Touch her again...I dare you."
My dad backed off and went back to his room. I was clutching my side and biting back screams. Chris kneeled down next to me and I pulled out my cellphone and tried dialing for an ambulance but I kept screwing up. "They're on their way." Chris said and I noticed him put a cell phone in his pocket. "They said to just have you breathe slowly." He made me straighten my legs and he looked around. "Where is there a pillow?"
I went to make a slight laugh but it caught in my throat. "If you find one, be sure to tell me." He shook his head and lifted my head, he sat and laid my head on his lap. In my hand, he replaced my t-shirt I was clutching with his hand and I tried to breathe evenly.
"Here," he said and handed me my earbuds. I managed a smile and I heard sirens. I remembered when they took me to the hospital in the ambulance when I was little, they thought my mom had injected me with something when she overdosed. I remember being so alone and scared in the back of the ambulance.
"Please come with me." I whispered.
He started to shake his head, but a tear slipped out of the corner of my eye. "Don't let them take me and make me alone. I don't want to feel like that again."
"Ok," he whispered and then I closed my eyes.
Chris never let go of my hand.

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