The Power Of Friendship READ INTRO

The Power Of Friendship READ INTRO

It's going to be written in ADISSON'S POV!

Chapter 2


I borrowed one of Oliver's t-shirts and changed in Olivia's bedroom. "Why did Chris drive you?" Olivia asked as she was wiping make up off of her face.
I shrugged. "He just...did."
"Can you put my hair up?" She asked.
"Sure," I whispered and walked over to her. I twisted her hair around and then put a hair tie around creating a bun.
"I don't get how you do that without using pins." She said and I winced. "Oh, your back. We forgot to..."
"No, it's ok, let's just get to bed."
"Tomorrow's Saturday..."
"I know...I'm just really tired."
She shrugged, "Ok." And with that, we both got in the bunkbeds in her room.

3 In The Morning~

I woke up and quietly got dressed in my bloody loose tank top, and jeans, and pulled my shoes on. I put Oliver's shirt in the laundry basket. I wrote a letter saying I was walking home and then I left.

Walking down the road I felt my mp3 player in my pocket. I put the buds in my ears and started listening to Mockingbird by Eminem.
I was so preoccupied that I hadn't noticed I had wandered to the middle of the rode. I heard a honk and then screaching. I turned and saw a familiar black car swerve to the right. I fell back on my butt and my breath came in short gasps. The car hit the curb andthen hit a pole.
Chris jumped out and the pole fell on the car. I covered my mouth and he glared at me. "Why the hell were you in the middle of the road?!" He yelled and grabbed my arm, he pulled me up and raised his other hand as if to hit me but I flinched back and squeezed my eyes shut. A few seconds later, two other car doors shut and Chris let go of me. I felt two hands on my shoulders and I opened my eyes. Lindsay pulled me to Bill's car and I saw Bill talking to Chris.


"How am I going to pay for that?" I asked Lindsay as Bill was driving me a few blocks away from my home-I refused to let anyoe know where I live.
"I don't know, but you better find a way or that Chris kid is going to beat the living shiit out of you." Bill said and pulled into "my" driveway. The people at this house let me pretend it was mine so no one knew if it was my true house or not. "Are you coming to that fundraiser carnival tonight? Do you want us to pick you up?" I shook my head.
"Can' stuff..."
"Awww, can you at least go shopping with me later?" Lindsay asked and I laughed. "Dude! Whatever money I have, I have to give to Chris. Picture what he would do to me if he saw me spending it." I laughed again and got out. "Text it!" Lindsay called as they drove down the road.
I sighed and my smile faded. I reached for my mp3 player and my eyes widened. "Where is it?!" I screached and checked all of my pockets. I started running and ran into someone. "Oh, sorry..." I said and started walking but stopped when the person grabbed my arm and held an mp3 player up to my face. I tried to grab it but the person pulled it back.
I looked and it was Chris. I whined, "Chris, give it back!"
"No way in hell." He threw it on the ground and stepped on it. I screamed and tried to grab it but he stepped on my hand by accident.
I grabbed the mp3 player and shook my hand in the air. "Look, I'll pay for your stupid car."
"I want the money by tomorrow...roughly 2,000."
"DOLLARS?!" I squeaked.
"No, pigs! Yes dollars dipshit!" He said.
I winced at his harshness and scooted back a bit. "I can't get that much by tomorrow," I whispered. He kneeled down and reached for my mp3 player but I pulled it out of his reach.
"Give me that $2,000 or I'll have to make up a story to your dad." He said and grinned evilly. My eyes widened and I gasped. "Don't test me." Chris said and reached for my mp3 player again. I pulled it away once again and he accidentally fell on top of me while reaching for it.
He lifted up so his arms were holding him up and he just looked down at me. I put my mp3 player in my back pocket and I glared up at him. "Where are my earbuds?" I asked. He grinned evilly again.
"In my back pocket, you want them, you get them."
"Uh! You perv!" I pushed against his rock hard chest to try to get him off. "Will you get off of me?!" I yelled and pushed his chest again.
"Maybe I'll lower the price if you came back to my place..." he said and I felt his hand traveling up my shirt. I smacked him and he pulled back just enough for me to slide out from under him. I stood up and started running the two blocks to my house. I ran into a forest and kept running. "Hey!" I heard Chris yell and then I looked back and then there was no ground under me. I screamed and grabbed onto a branch and stopped falling.
I tried to grip it tighter but I couldn't. Being tired, in pain, and not one strong bone in my body, really didn't help. I looked down and saw a ton of rocks underneath me. Tears streamed down my face and I regripped the branch. I heard it crack and saw rocks fall from where the branch hung. I saw Chris look over the edge. "Chris," I whispered.
"Oh, do I hear someone?" He asked and cupped a hand behind his ear.
"Chris, dammit, help me up!" I said and regripped the branch.
"Why should I?"
I heard it crack again and the branch lowered. "Chris," lower. "Chris," lower even more. "Chris, please." I said and it finally cracked.

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