A Girl's Bestfriend

A Girl's Bestfriend

Here it is!!!
The picture is Teddy!

Chapter 1

Picture is Celeste


Celeste Carter--Niname: CC
Age: 15
Skin: tan
Body: 5'2''-thin
Hair: blonde
Eyes: brown
-adopted age 13
-the Carter's got her a dog
-parents died in hurricane
-loves Teddy (her dog) more han anything
-homeschooled until age 15
-hates public scool and not being around teddy 24/7
-lives in an estate with a large forest ; far away from town
-is teased at scool for being a "country girl" and how she dresses
-adopted father is really abusive

Vladimir Cienna
Age: 16
Skin: pale
Body: 6'1''-lean muscle
Hair: black
Eyes: violet w/ green flecks
-school joker
-torments Celeste constantly
-lives with 2 friends a lot closer to the city
-his parents live in town and still pay for everything for him
-is dating cheerleader Stephanie

Chapter 1-

I woke up and sighed. Mrs. Carter-my adoptive mom-came in and opened my curtains and bright sunlight streamed in. My black and white boder collie jumped up onto my lap and started licking my face. "Ah! Teddy! Get off boy!" I said and my country accent rang out in the quiet room. Mom opened my window and birds were chirping and the wind was whistling through the trees.
"Ok, upupup. You start school today." I moaned and Teddy jumped off the bed and Faith Carter-my mom-pulled my covers off. I smiled and stretched. "What do you wa..." The front door slamming shut cut her off. "Get dressed," she whispered and shut the door on her way out. Ben-her husband-must be drunk again.
I got up, changed into dark wash skinny jeans, cow girl boots, a brown tank top, and my favorite plaid button up that I left open. I picked up my back pack and Teddy stood on his hind legs. "Give me 5, boy!" I said and held out my hands. And hypathetically speaking, Teddy gave me high fives (my dog actually dus this and its soooo cute!).
I walked out into the hallway and then to the kitchen. Faith was picking up broken glass and I heard Faith and Ben's room door slam shut. "You should get going, the bus will be here in a couple minutes." I nodded and headed towards the front door. Then I heard a drunk version of Ben yelling.
"Where is she going?! GEt back here!"
"Ben, you go back to bed and leave the girl alone!" Faith yelled and I knew that was my cue to run out of there. I let Teddy out and she followed me to where the bus had stopped. I turned and looked at Teddy, "Sit. Stay. I'll be back." He did as he was told and I got on the school bus. There were my neighbors, Vladimir, Samson, and Jude. I sat in the far back single seat and closed my eyes. After a few other stops, a few giggling girls sat across from me.
At the school, I started to get up but a girl shoved me down. "Oh look what came out of the country." She said and tried to touch my hair. I smacked her hand away and Vladimir came over.
"Any trouble ladies?" He asked and wrapped his arms around the girl's waist.
"Yah, this little biitch thinks she can come to my school."
"It aint your school." I mumbled trying to hide my southern accent.
"Uh, my daddy is the principal so it might as well be." She glared at me then they both left.

Late That Night~

Faith and I were eating in silence at the dinner table because I was shunning her for sending me to a public school. The door slammed shut and Faith jumped up. She walked out to the hallway and I heard them start yelling. "God, not again!" I mumble/yelled. I got up, put my dishes in the sink, and walked out to the hallway. "Can you guys get a fvcking room?!" I yelled and Ben stormed over to me and punched me. I yelped and fell on the ground. Ben got on top of me and his knees were digging into my ribs, and then he started punching me repeatedly. "Ben! Stop it!" Faith screamed and Teddy started scratching at the front door. Then there was a knock on the front door. Ben got off and I took a deep breath and jumped up. I ran to the front door, swung it open, and ran past Vladimir while holding my eye. Teddy ran after me as I ran into the forest. Vladimir came over to help us fully move in since we just moved in a week ago. I ran deep into the forest and sat with my back to a large boulder.
I accidentally fell asleep.

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