Your Superman Tonight (Joe and Nick Jonas love story) part 5

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Chapter 7

Chapter 7


I can't believe he was going to keep this from me.....
--- NICKS POV------
I hear someone run up the stairs and slam their door. Ohh crap. I look at Joe worried. He shrugs and walks away. I run up the stairs to Danii's room i hear her crying... Im in trouble. I knock on the door.
-----NORMAL POV----
I hear a knock on the door. 10 guesses who that is. I hear the door open... "Danii?" Nick says quietly. I don't move, talk or make a sound. We sat there for a couple minutes before he said "Please say something." "Why?" I ask quietly. "Why what?" Nick says. I under cover myself and yell "WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL ME MY BEST FRIEND DIED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!? YOU KNEW AND YOU DIDN'T EVEN TELL ME! HOW COULD YOU?" Tears are streaming down my face. "Danii, I-" he starts but I could him off, "You what?! What could possess you from keeping this from me?" I say. "I wanted to protect you. You were already in so much pain. And you are unstable. I didn't want to make things worse. I was going to tell you, I was. I was going to tell you tomorrow. but I wanted to make sure you were okay. I was doing this to protect you. Please understand that." I stared at him for a little. How does he know exactly what to say and how to say it? "come here." I whisper. He sits next to me on my bed. I hug him around the waist and start crying hysterically. Nick holds me in his arms and tells me how everything will be okay..
--- 2 days later--------
I went to my friends funeral.. .and my parents. It was probably the worse two days of my life... or at least I thought.
I woke up with Nick singing to me. I look over and he is looking at some books. Oh no... he is reaching for my diary. "DONT TOUCH THAT!" I scream jumping out of my bed and over to him. "Why not? Have little secrets in here, you don't want me to see...?" he says raising an eyebrow. "NO! i mean No, I just .. its private." I say taking the book from him. I turn around and he reaches for my wrist. I look back and he is looking at my wrist stunned. Uhh oh. "" he says looking at the cuts on my wrist. TBC


Denise comes back up. "Danii, an ambulance is coming right now. You bullet wound is infected. You are going to be okay. Joe will go with you okay? I promise everything will be okay." she says . She doesn't wait for me to respond, she goes to get Nick and to tell him what is going on. I guess Joe saw that I was holding in a scream because he said "Danii, scream if you need to its okay... " I shake my head no. I won't scream. I wont. "Danii, please. Don't try to be strong...." he says. Then i just let go, I scream quickly. The pain is getting worse and worse. I am starting to feel really dizzy. "Danii, breathe, babe, you need to breathe. Breathe." He whispers. I try breathing out but the pain. my body goes numb..
---------Joe pov-----------
I see Danii trying to breathe... she then she does... but something isn't right. "Danii?" I say ...... she doesn't respond. I check her pulse.. Its okay. but its slow. Finally the paramedics show up and take us to the hospital. I have to wait outside .. when the doctor came out I heard some of the worse news of my life.
"Mr.Jonas, she is okay. It wasn't the cut. She... she has cancer."

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