Your Superman Tonight (Joe and Nick Jonas love story) part 5

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Chapter 3


---normal pov-----
I wake up, my throat is cry, my head kills and i can feel dry tears on my face. I look up to see Nick, staring at me worried. "Hi." he whispers. "Hi." i whisper back. "How are you feeling?" he asks. "I dont know." i say back. "Well if and when you wanna talk let me know okay?" he asks. I nod and look down. "Danii..look at me.." He says. I obey and look up at him.. he is smiling?? "What?" i ask. "You are coming to live with my family and I." he says smiling. I smile widely. "Are you serious?" I ask happy. "Yes." he says nodding. I hug him tightly, "Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you Nick!" I say. He laughs and kisses me on the cheek. "As soon as you ready we can leave." Nick says. I jump up, "ready!" he laughs again and left so i could change into my clothes. Once i was done, we signed me out of the hospital and he drove me to his house. "Nick, what if they don't like me.. i don't think i can handle any more bad news..." i say looking down. "They won't like you, they will love you." Nick says. grabbing my hand. We finally get to his house, we walk in and i am instanly hugged by Mrs.Jonas. "Hi sweetie, i am so sorry for the loss. You can stay here for as long as you want." says Mrs. Jonas. "Mom.." whines Nick. I giggle. "Nicolas hush." says Mrs. Jonas. We pull away from the hug and she says "I am must be Danii." she says. "Yea I am. Nice to meet you. This a beautiful home." I say smiling.. or trying to. "Thank you." then Frankie runs down the stairs with Joe chasing after him yelling, "IM GONNA GET YOU!" then Denise says, "Boys... come here!" both Frankie and Joe stop and come over to their mom. Joe sees me and smiles, i smile back. Nick wraps his arm around my waist. Awwww he is being protective. "Joe, Frankie. Something has come up and now Danii, Nick's girlfriend, is going to be living with us. So be nice okay?" She says. Then she walks into the kitchen. I laugh quietly. Frankie is so short. (haha) "Hi I am Joe!" Joe says, and waves. "Hi, I am Danielle. But I go by Danii or D." I say. "And I am Frankie.." says Frankie. "And Frankie is in big trouble." says Joe in a rough voice. Frankie gasps and runs away. Me and Nick start laughing. And takes me upstairs, maybe to his room? He opens a door.. and its purple... odd choice. Then i see girls clothes and my laptop ... what the hell.. "Nick.. how did you guys do this is time ??" I ask in shock. "My mom is awesome... " he says laughing. I nod and laugh.
That night was really fun but I was exhausted. I wish everyone goodnight, and then go to bed.
I wake up at 3:30 a.m. in a cold sweat. That was a terrible dream... I need Nick. Nick told me where his room was earlier. So I get out of bed, and go to his room. I open the door quietly, then stop... when i see a girl on top of him and they are kissing..I shut the door quietly and run to my room. I changed into some clothes and didn't notice i was crying until I my pillows were soaked. I packed some clothes up and some valuables. I ran out of the house way to fast. I just ran. He was cheating on me... I have literally lost everything that means anything to me... Before I run down the street, I look at the house and whisper, "Bye. Love you. but I guess you don't love me, and never will." Then i run into the night.
---Nick's POV---
I wake up in the morning after NO sleep to a shriek. I jump out of bed and run out of my room to see my mom standing in the hallway looking into Danii's room. I run over and see that her room is empty... she left. Why would she...omg Miley snuck in my room last night and started kissing me. I pushed her off and she climbed back out the window... Danii must have saw that.. i though i heard the door open.. Oh no.. she has no where to go... I ran to my room changed and run out of the house, I called Danii's cell phone and she wouldn't answer....I have to find her quick. TBC

---normal pov------
"Joe they are all staring.. I can't go in there... I can't..." I say quietly. "Come on.." he says. Then he picks me up out of the car and carries me into the house and puts me on the couch. and everyone just stares. Joe says, "Can I talk to you guys alone please. Down stairs..." They all nod and leave. I lay there quietly, thinking how I am going to that parking lot no matter what.
-----JOE'S POV--------
We all go downstairs. "Joe, what happened?" asks Nick. "She looks dead .." says Kevin. "I know, listen. She got a phone call from some person saying her parents are dead... and if she doesn't go to the parking lot at the Giant next tuesday then they are going to kill me too..." I say. Mom gasps. Kevin and Nick stand there in shock. "And I am not letting her go." I say simply. "Joe... you might have to let her go." says Kevin. "NO." I say "But Joe, we can't have someone trying to kill you.." says Mom. "NO!" I say starting to cry. "I am not losing her like this! I can't !!! " I say. "Joe you don't have another choice.." says Dad. I stand there in shock looking at my family. How could they think this..????? "Wait.. I have a plan.." says Nick smiling. Everyone stares at him. I knew he was a good brother. "What is it...?" I ask. We all sit down to listen to his brilliant plan.
-----NORMAL POV--------
I think I fell asleep because I was woken up by Joe shaking me. "Danii... Danii..." he says quietly. I wake up and look at him... I am in some pure white room... on a bed? "Hi!" he says happily. "Hi." I say quietly. I am still kinda mad at him.. I sit up and sit indian style (cross legs) "Look Danii, I am really sorry. I really am. I just care about you so much.... I don't want something to happen to you... please forgive me. I didn't mean to yell..." he says grabbing my hands and pulling me close... "Joe..." i sigh, "Please..." he says quietly, leaning in, getting closer and closer to my face.. oh he is good. "Please?" he whispers again. He is now a half of an inch from my face. "umm" i say. "please" he breathed on me.... his breath smelled like peppermint... oh i give up. "yea, i forgi-" i start but then I was cut off by Joe kissing me passionately. I kiss back, wrapping my arms around his neck. He pushed my back against the pillows. I pulled his head closer to me... his arms are on either side of me, so I am trapped. Finally, I break away after about 10 minutes. "Joe, stop." I say looking at him. Then reality hit him.. he was on top of me. "Sorry.." he says starting to get off.. "No its okay, I was perfectly fine with you trapping me.." i say smiling. He laughs and gets off the bed. I get up out of the bed and hug him.. "I am sorry, I was being so stubborn.." I say as we walk out of the room hand in hand. "Its okay, I really hurt you and I understand." he says.. we went down stairs and I saw Denise cooking breakfast, just like my mom- mom....she's dead. I freeze up. Joe notices, and whispers, "Are you okay?" i nod and say, "I will be right back ..." Then i walk outside and sit in the middle of the side walk, thinking about my parents. I pull my knees to my chest, i silently start to cry. Cars are passing by normally. I look across the street to see a man in black standing there, another car passes and he is gone. I am shocked I jump up and run towards the Jonas house. I run into the house wiping my tears, I trip through the door way, and start flying towards the floor..... TBC

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