Your Superman Tonight (Joe and Nick Jonas love story) part 5

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Chapter 2


"Danii.. listen..I am very sorry but your parents have passed away.." the doctors says. I sit there in shocked, tears running down my face. "So you have any questions?" he asks "how." I whisper. "Car accident. Do you have a family member or someone to live with ?" he asks. "Yes." i whisper. He nods then he leaves the room. I am all alone ... they are gone... alone. Then anger rushes threw my boy. I yank out in IV in my arm and throw it on the ground. I jump out of the bed and run into the bathroom I shut the lights off, sit on the corner and cry.
----NICKS POV---
the doctor comes out looking upset. "Is she okay? What happened?" I ask. "She parents died last night." He says simply. Her parents.... died.. ? "Ohmygosh.. is she okay?" I ask quickly. "I don't know.. " he says. I nod and run into her room. She isn't in the bed ... the bathroom door is closed. I knock on it and no one answer. I open the door. Its dark.... I turn on the light.. and gasp ...
-----NORMAL POV----
I am sitting in the bathroom curled up in ball sobbing, when the light is turned on and I hear a gasp.. "Oh Danii..." I hear someone say. I look up to see no one other then Nick... He looks like he is in shock . He runs over to me and picks me up and cuddles me. "Danii ! I am so sorry." he says I just start sobbing. He carries me and puts me on my bed.. "Do you want to be alone?" he asks. "No." i whisper.. He sits next to me in the bed and holds me whispering "It will be okay .. " while i cried my heart out.
----NICK POV----
Finally Danii felt asleep. I feel like my heart is being ripped out. It is killing me to see her in this much pain. I know what i had to do. I got off the bed gently and went outside in the hallway. I called my mom
(N = nick D= Denise)
N- Mom?
D- Nicolas. whats wrong?
N- Do you remember the girl I was talking about?
D- Yes, is she okay
N - No.. her parents ...they have passed away.. and mom she has no where to go
D- Ohmygosh Nicolas, how is she handling it
N- bad. very bad. She is sleeping now . But can she stay with us ? Please mom?
D- Of course she can. Where are you guys now?
N- The hospital she had a little accident
D- Is she okay?
N- She will be ... she's in a good condition to bring home. We will be home in about a half hour okay?
D- Fine, but it doesn't give me much time to set up a room for her
I chuckle N- Mom it's fine. Bye
D- Love you
N- love you too
then i hang up and walk back into the room. I sit on the bed with Danii again and hold her close ... She is truly special. TBC

"She can't stay here Joe!" says dad.. "WHAT!" I say loudly. "Shhhhh! " mom says. "Mom, I am sorry for yelling. But her house has been robbed, her parents are away. She doesn't feel safe. And if something were to happen to her it would be your fault." I say harshly. "Joseph!" says mom. "Mom, please. I promise. You can put her in whatever room, she will be greatful. I promise. And its only for a little. A week, I promise. " I say
"One week." says Dad. "Thank you ! Thank you! Thank you!" I say happily. Then i run up the stairs to find Danii standing there awkardly.
----NORMAL POV----
Joe runs the stairs with a huge smile on his face. "You can stay for a week!" he says.. I grin widely and we hug! Then my phone vibrates, I look .. unknown number, I answer.
"Hello?" i say
"We've killed your parents. And if you don't come to the old parking lot behind the Giant next tuesday, your boyfriend will be gone too." says a voice
then they hang up.
I freeze. Joe is looking at my worriedly. He starts to shake me... "Danii ! Danii ! Are you okay?? What happened? Who was it?" he says.
I just shake my head and say, "I need to go." then I run from the house and just run. I fund a park and sit down on a bench and i cry. "DANII !!!" i hear joe scream. I look up at him standing right there in front of me. "Babe, what happened?" he asks nervous. "Parents. Gone. Dead." I whisper. "WHAT!" he screams... "How? Why? Where? Is that all?" he asks. I shake my head... "If-if-if I d-d-d-don't sh-sh-show up-p-p at the old p-p-p-parking lot nex-nex-next tuesday then-then-then-then they will k-k-k-kill you too.." I say stuttering. He sits there in shock... "Your not going next tuesday." he says simpily. I jump up from the bench. "To hell Im not. Joe your not getting hurt or killed for me!!!" I scream. "I don't care! I don't!! As long as your safe!!!! Your not going!" he screams back. "I am going, deal with it." I say harshly. "No your not and thats final!" he says back just as harsh.. I storm off again. I run to the playground and it starts to rain. "Danii !! I am sorry!" I hear joe scream. I pull my legs to my chest and cry... Joe must have heard me because he found me with in 3 minutes. "danii.. i am sorry i shouldn't have yelled. I know you are hurting and confused right now, but I am not letting you go there ..." He says quietly. I nod for now. He picks me up and carries me to his car.. we get back to the Jonas household and I look into the window to see the whole Jonas family staring at me....


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