Your Superman Tonight (Joe and Nick Jonas love story) part 5

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Chapter 1

Nick then Joe

NICKS STORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

---Normal Pov---
I wake up to see Nick looking down and silently crying. "nick.." i say quietly. He looks up looking not just upset but mad... "What happened?" he whispers. "What?" I say louder,not hearing him. "What happened!?!" he almost yells. He gets up and walks to the far end of my bed. I look at him confused. "Those cuts!!! How did you get them!!?? Did someone do this to you?? Did you do this to yourself!! How could you let someone do that ?!! Why would you do that!!!!" he screams. Did he just say that I LET someone do that... aww heck no. "You wanna KNOW what happened! I was in the park and some dude and stabbed me! I am sorry it's all my fault !!!! I didn't know almost being forced to do something I don't wanna do was my fault! So you know what THANKS Nick for helping me realize what a easyy girl I am!!!!" I scream. Nick sits there in shock. And I start to cry. I put my face in my hands.. Nick tries to grab my hands and pull them off my face. "No." i whisper. "Danii..." he says trying to pull my hands off my face and he succeeded. "What Nick... what??" I say looking at him.. "I am so sorry I lost it.. I didn't know ... I am sorry.. I didn't know someone attacked you.. I should have known you wouldn't have done this to yourself...Do you please forgive me?" he says. I look down.... "yea forgive you...." I say quietly. "Danii... are you just saying that...?" he asks. I think for a minute... "No I am not... I really do forgive you.." I say looking at him .. drying my tears. then the doctor comes in "Oh you are awake.. I need to talk to you alone.." says the doctor. "Okay, I will leave ... " says Nick. Then Nick leaves the room. The doctor sits down on the edge of my bed.. "Danii... listen.. I am very sorry but your parents have paased awat...." he says

JOES STORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
---Normal POV----

I wake up to Joe holding my hand.. "DANII! " he says happily.. I smile and wave weakly. "hiya joe!" i say quietly. "How are you feeling??" asks Joe . "Okay and you? Joe you look so tired.. go and get some sleep." I say. "No .. I'm not leaving with out you.." says Joe. "joe I don't have anywhere to go... my house... " I say realizing I have NO WHERE to go..... "Stay at my house.." says Joe straight forward. "What... Joe... will your parents be okay with that?" I ask in shock. "I don't know and I don't care. They won't say no... I swear.." He says.. "Alright.. lets get out of here ..." I say I get out of the bed "Are you sure you are okay?" he asks "Yupp! Lets go!!!" I say. Joe grabs my hand and we walk out of the hospital into his car. When we get to his house we walk in to see his parents standing there in the hallway. "JOSEPH! WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN!?" asks his mother. "Mom, I am sorry. Danii... her house .. its a long story.. but she needs to stay here... please?" he asks.. "Joe we will talk alone downstairs... now... " says his dad. Joe nods kisses me on the cheek and goes down stairs with his parents...
--- JOE POV-------
"Joe she can't stay here..." says Dad... "WHAT!!" i ask

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