Haunted House [11]

Sorry I'm feeling really...depressed...sorry if it affects the writing. It's taking all of my energy to write these stories. I'm really sorry.
Here it is!!!
tHeMe SoNg-
It's Not Me It's You-Skillet

Chapter 1

Early Bird Gets The Worm

I woke up and jumped out of the bed. "Alex!" I yelled. I ran into the living room and saw him sleeping on the couch. "Alex!" I yelled. He woke with a start and before he could say anything I blurted out, "She was pregnant not crazy!"
He rubbed his eyes confused. "What?" He finally asked and I plopped down on the sofa space next to him. "Ok, before you explain, I need to be fully awake." I followed him as he walked into the kitchen and he poured two cups of coffee. He handed me one and he sat on a kitchen chair, I sat on the table-liking the height it gave me on him. "Ok, start explaining." He said.
"Ok, you said that the 'evil' twin was taken away for being crazy?" He nodded. "Well...why were people thinking she was crazy?"
"She would wake up screaming...she couldn't sleep...she had mood swings...she puked a lot...she would complain of pains...everyone thought she was posessed..." I smiled and he stopped. "Oh God, what's going on in that big head of yours?" He asked.
My mouth dropped and I held my head, "It's not that big..." I whined. "Anyway! Can't you see? She was pregnant! The sleepless nights, mood swings, puking, pains, everything! This was in the early 1900's right?" Alex nodded. "They wouldn't really have the technology..."
"They had the technology to electricute her to death." I rolled my eyes. "Anyway, you think she was pregnant?" I nodded. "But who would have..."
"That's what we need to find out." I said and jumped off the table. "I'm going to go get changed, we have to make a trip to the library."
"At 2:30 in the morning?!"
"Early bird gets the bird!" I yelled from the front door.

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