the sad story (with jacob black) FORGIVE ME!!!!!!!!


Chapter 1

i luv u guys so much!!!

by: Annan
i have no idea where i left off. and more then half of my previous chapter was cut off!!! so i've got no idea. i am really sorry. but i can't do this anymore. i am way to busy. i can't get on here more then once a week, if that. and i only have enough time to check my messages. u guys all know the story. make it ur own. i am giving u all permission to finish my story. re-wreite it. make it yours. just keep it somewhat the same. plz, i hope u can forgive me. plz make it a happily ever after. just remember. keep close to stephanie meyer's story, nessa ends up with micheal, and jake with renesmee. there are so many talented writers out there who will do a much better job then me. i am soooo sorry. plz don't think i'm lazy. i love u all and thank u all so much for reading this story. here's ur chance to have ur own happily ever after. take it. I LUV U!!!

i will be making more stories in the future when my life calms down. send me some ideas. anything really. maybe i will finish this story in the future too. i will. i promise.


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