Marshmallows and Chocolate

this is by Mackenzie and Ayla!! :D a.k.a. Cindysue42 and Volleyhorse27!

Chapter 31

Henry the Goat

Hello there, you curious reader, you! I bet you were wondering what Yuki and I were whispering about on my birthday, huh? Well... I think after reading 30 chapters of this we are pretty close, so I'll let you in on it too!
That stubborn Sayomi is making poor Yuki's heart become a rocky mess! So now, Yuki and I are planning something. Hopefully it'll make Sayomi a little jealous. I'll be able to tell if she's jealous by the way she acts. Well, the plan is for Yuki to act like he doesn't like Sayomi anymore and he likes me now.
Well anyways, a couple months have passed and school is now over. Back in April, Masahiro took Yuki with him somewhere to train him. Now that it's June, Masahiro will be coming to get Sayomi, Takada, and I.
When Masahiro took Yuki, it all helped the plan. Yuki is going to say he's been thinking a lot about Sayomi and realizes he doesn't like her anymore. Hopefully it works, but if it doesn't... Yuki will be devistated.
I closed the bag of possessions I was going to take whenever we left and then looked around my room. I was going to miss living here even if I was going to be back eventually, but I was so anxious about going to help.
I grabbed my bag and began walking towards the door. Then I saw something white and fluffy out of the corner of my eye; Haji. I kneeled down and motioned for him to come over.
"You didn't think I'd leave you behind, did you?" I asked him, even though I knew I wouldn't get a response. Then I remembered that I had bought Haji a collar and never put it on him (the collar has Sayomi's house address on it in case he gets lost). It was still in my backpack because I bought it after school. I ran over to the closet and rummaged around until I found my backpack. I grabbed it, walked back over to the door, and slipped it around Haji's neck. "Now I'm ready." I picked Haji up and placed him in my bag. Then I went downstairs to the living room.
"Hey," Sayomi said, noticing me coming into the room. "Ready to go?"
"Yeah," I said. I looked around the room. "Where's Takada?" I asked.
"Kitchen," Sayomi replied. I smiled when I heard my message tone go off.
"That's most likely Masahiro's location message," I said, grabbing my phone and opening the message from Masahiro. I read it outloud.

Meet on outskirts of South Dialkea in the forest leading into Kidohai (city south of Dialkea) Yuki and I will meet you there Be there in one hour.

"Kidohai?" Sayomi inquired. I wondered why Masahiro picked Kidohai. It was a very small town, and not very populated. Well... he did say the forest so maybe we will only technically be in Kidohai's forests.
Takada came out of the kitchen with a bagel in his mouth. That's attractive...
"So everything is clear with our parents... right?" I asked Sayomi.
"Yep, we are going on 'vacation' with Masahiro."
"Okay. We should say goodbye though," I said.
"They are all sleeping, it's six o'clock in the morning," Takada stated.
"We can leave a note," Sayomi said going to grab some paper and a pen.
The bus to Kidohai wasn't very nice. We were almost the only people in there! Well, other than this old, smelly man with a goat he called "Henry" and a little girl with no parents.
The bus rattled as we turned onto a rocky road. This road would lead us straight past the forest, so we'd have to kindly ask the bus driver to stop and let us out.
Sayomi sat there looking out the window, while Takada had his arm around me. The little girl was sitting two rows behind us muttering something. I couldn't exactly tell but it sounded like "lizards" to me. Then the old man with Henry the goat was laughing for no apparant reason. It was quite scary.
When I saw the trees of the forest I nudged Sayomi and Takada. They both looked at me and then nodded. We all stood up and began to walk towards the front. The bus driver noticed us in the mirror.
"What are you three doing?" he asked.
"Could you let us off here?" I asked sweetly. We were in the very front of the bus now. I could see the bus driver scowl.
"Sorry kid, but I have to take you to Kidohai-"
"Look dude, we need to get off now," Takada said.
"Don't you start with me squirt, I'll beat you into a cris-" the driver started but Sayomi interviened by pulling out a wad of cash.
"Let us off," she said, looking slightly evil. I kind of envied her skill at looking so serious. I mean, she was giving him a death glare! It was hilarious!
The driver stopped the bus and grabbed the money. He was drolling looking at it. He opened the doors for us and we got off. He slammed the doors shut again and took off in less then five seconds.
"We are never taking the bus again," I said.
"Agreed," Sayomi and Takada said in unision.
We began walking the outer line of the forest to see if we could find Masahiro and Yuki. After about four minutes we saw the two emerging from the depths of the forest.

First off, I'd like to say sorry for making this one take so long. I tried to make this one humorous to make up for the wait XD henry the goat!! So yeah, we are gonna try to post these more frequently before school starts again :) thanks for reading!

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