Marshmallows and Chocolate

this is by Mackenzie and Ayla!! :D a.k.a. Cindysue42 and Volleyhorse27!

Chapter 3

Candy Slips Part 1

So I repeatedly kept trying to talk to Sayomi. She avoided me, but I didn't get it! I just wanted to be her friend. It's not like I have some kind of disease!
But then something AMAZING happened! My history teacher let us pick partners for our peppermint projects! I didn't know if Sayomi knew anyone else in our class, so I took the chance! I mean, I didn't want her to end up with some weirdo!
So when my teacher asked who I'd like to be with I happily said "Sayomi!".
I hate to be rude but my teacher is a little on the larger side. It does surprise me how excited he got when he talked about candy. How his mouth watered and his eyes became full of excitement.
The rest of my morning classes were Sayomi free, so I talked to my friend Yuki. He seemed happy that I decided to talk to him because we hadn't done anything throughout the summer together. We talked about what we did and all that stuff but then our teacher yelled at us. Then we decided to pass a note to each other. Good thing we were sitting right across from eachother!
Then our teacher noticed again. Yuki had the note and we were writing in a secret language we made up, so she had no idea what it said. But she gave us candy slips anyway. Candy slips are the worst! Not like I'd know, I've never had one, but they sound delicious! If you get three candy slips in a week, you get a detention!
"But I've never EVER gotten a candy slip before!" I exclaimed at the end of class. She glared at me through her glasses.
"Well there's a first for everything isn't there?" she said smirking evily. I was depressed the rest of my morning.
And then it was lunchtime. I was a little bit happier but still sad about my candy slip. I scanned the lunchroom and spotted her. Sayomi was sitting in the very back corner all alone. I got my lunch and skipped over to Sayomi's table, much happier to be seeing my new friend, humming "lollipop, lollipop, oh lolli, lolli, lolli, lollipop!".
Sayomi looked up at me with her red eyes and looked quickly back to her tray.
"Hi Sayomi!" I said happily. It was like I'd never gotten my candy slip. No response from her. "Could I sit here?" I asked setting my tray down. The only thing she did was stuff some of her apple slices into her mouth. "I'll take that for a 'yes'!" I said sitting down.

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