Marshmallows and Chocolate

this is by Mackenzie and Ayla!! :D a.k.a. Cindysue42 and Volleyhorse27!

Chapter 2

Peppermint Meeting Part 2 (pic of Sayomi)

*Sayomi *
The second period of the day was history. Meaning we got to learn about how our town is so highly associated with sweets.
Our town manufactures most of the sweets in our region. There're probably about twenty candy shops in Dialkea. The most common gift to give for any holiday is chocolate. And not just plain old milk chocolate either. Dark chocolate, white chocolate, semi-sweet, chocolate with caramel, chocolate cherries, chocolate strawberries, chocolate fudge, chocolate fish - oh wait, scratch that, that one was a prank, but you get the point.
I pushed my hair out of my eyes as I walked into the large, brightly lit history classroom. I looked at all the new faces and saw Hikari in the second row. She smiled at me and I avoided her gaze and sat at the back of the room.
When the bell rang I saw her coming towards me so I rushed out of the room.
"Hey, wait!" she called out, but I had already left.
Later when I was walking down the hallway I saw her again. Only this time she was skipping, twirling ribbons in her hair and singing, "lollipop, lollipop, oh lolli, lolli, lolli, lollipop!"
Note to self: stay away from this crazy chick.
The next morning I hadn't seen her around, so I became less worried. I still checked around the corners every so often to make sure she wasn't lurking in the shadows, waiting to pounce and attack me with her ribbons and happy-go-lucky attitude. I knew I would see her soon anyway, because history was my next class. With her.
I took my seat in the back and looked around for her. I didn't see her yet, so I took out my drawing notebook and worked on my latest sketch. It was a sketch of a pack of wolves running and howling in a dark forest. I admire wolves, so they are my favorite creature to draw.
"You know, I really do like your drawings."
I looked up and let out a small yell. It was Hikari. She was close beside me. "When did you get here!? And you know, it's not nice to sneak up on someone!"
"Sorry, I thought you noticed. I don't think I know your name. What is it?" she asked politely.
"Sayomi Suzuki," I replied flatly.
Her eyes lit up as she smiled. "That's a pretty name! I'm sure you remember mine, what do you think of it?"
"Um, it's 'pretty' too, I guess..."
"Thanks. I love my name. So-" She was cut off by the teacher.
"Good morning class, please have a seat. Today we will be doing a group project. I will call on you and then you will pick a partner," he explained. He went through one row of students who picked their partners, then got to Hikari. "Hikari, who's your partner?"
I held my breath, hoping it wasn't me. "Sayomi!" she said happily. I sighed.
Once everyone had gotten partners he said, "Okay, I bet you're all wondering what this project is about, huh? Well you and your partner will spend the next week and a half creating a model of the first peppermint factory made in Dialkea back in 1957! Doesn't that sound fun?"
The class groaned.
"Oh, wait, I didn't finish! The factory model may be customized however you like by adding peppermints and other sweets. Also, to add to the fun, this is an excuse to eat lots of candy!" Most students smiled, and the slightly large teacher bounced excitedly on his heels, probably thinking of all the candy he could be eating. It's amazing most people around here aren't as plump as him.
The rest of the class went by fast. He just explained how the models have to be at least eight inches tall and how something had to be... something... I wasn't really paying attention. Then he gave out papers to everyone that had facts about the factory and reminders of how to make the models. I stuffed the paper in my folder. The bell rang, and he dismissed us.

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