Fix My Little Heart (Alex Gaskarth)

Fix My Little Heart (Alex Gaskarth)

Okay, so this story is also on my Wattpad account: TeamEmmettXD

I decided to also post it here.

Well, here it is, my Alex Gaskarth love story.

Chapter 2

Chapter 2

“Where are we going?” Jaylyn asked as I dragged her out of the apartment with me.


“Where’s somewhere?”

I laughed, “You’ll see when we get there. I have to get something for Sam.”


When we were in the car and buckled up, I started the car and drove off.

I had just gotten off the phone with Alex and now I was going to meet him at the music store I met him at earlier that day to pick up the backstage passes. I hadn’t told Sam yet; I was going to surprise her.

I got Jaylyn out of the car and lead her towards the store. Alex was already here, standing near the entrance. He smiled at me when I saw him, I smiled back and gave him a little wave as we walked closer.

“Hey Arabelle.” Alex grinned when Jaylyn and I finally reached him.

“Hi-“ I was cut off by Jaylyn. “Who’s this?” she asked, raising an eyebrow.

I thought about how to answer this. “He’s…the singer to one of Sam’s favorite bands.” I said, her mouth dropped a little and she starred at Alex. He laughed.

“Alex, this is my niece Jaylyn. “ I said, he turned towards Jaylyn.

“Hi Jaylyn, I’m Alex.” He said, smiling at her.

“Hi Alex…so you’re famous?” she questioned, I rolled my eyes and smiled.

“Sure…” he said

“Cool.” Jaylyn grinned.

Alex turned back to me. “Here,” He stuck his hand in his jacket pocket and pulled out passes.

“You’re coming too, right?” he asked as I reached for the passes, he pulled them back with a sly grin.

“If you want me to…” I tried reaching for them again, and he laughed.

“I’d love for you to.” He grinned, finally handing them to me. I blushed.

“Okay, then I guess I’m going.”


“Can I come too?” Jaylyn asked jumping up and down, shooting me a pleading look. I bit my lip.

“I don’t know Jaylyn…you’re just five…I don’t think it’d be a good idea.” She frowned, making me feel really bad.

“Maybe next time.” Alex said, patting her head. She laughed, pushing his hand away. “Okay.” She sighed with a faint smile at her lips.

“You can go to your grandparents house tonight. And if you’re good, maybe tomorrow we’ll do something special.” I said, her face lit up.

“Okay!” she said eagerly, a big smile on her face, I laughed.

“Alright, so I’ll see you later?” Alex asked, I smiled “Yeah…and thanks again.” He smiled too “No problem.”

* * *

I just dropped Jaylyn off at my parents’ house in Rosedale, which was right outside Baltimore.

Sam still didn’t know about the concert, but she did know I was taking her somewhere.

I got back home and told Sam to get ready.

“Ugh, where are we even going anyway.” She groaned getting up off the couch.

“It’s a surprise, but you’ll love it.” I answered “Oh, by the way. Happy early birthday.” I added, then handed her the All Time Low CD’s. She gasped.

“Oh my god…Arabelle you are the best! THANK YOU!” she said, throwing her arms around me.

“Your welcome.” I said, hugging her back. “Now go get ready.” She smiled slightly, “All righty.”

I headed into my room to get ready myself.
I stayed simple, wearing a stripped black and white tank with a grey cardigan over top, skinny jeans, and some plain black converse.
I put on eyeliner and mascara and walked out of my room. Sam walked out of her’s a few minutes later.

I bit my lip to keep from laughing. Sam was wearing an All Time Low sweatshirt.

“Ready?” I asked smiling. “Yep.”

I drove to the place the concert was at. Sam starred at me suspiciously as I parked the car. I sighed and handed her, her pass. She gasped.

“Holy sh!t A! HOW? This concert’s been sold out for months!!! AND these are BAKSTAGE PASSES!”

“Well, it’s a long story actually…”

“When did you get them?” she asked, her mouth hanging open a little.

“Today, it was a spur of the moment kind of thing.”

“Today?” I smiled, she was happy.

“I kinda…met…Alex Gaskarth.” Her draw dropped completely.

“This is amazing!” She cried.

“C’mon, you don’t wanna miss it do you?” I asked, she pushed her door open and jumped out quickly. I laughed, getting out as well.

* * *

The concert was amazing, very fun. I could tell that Sam was having the time of her life.
Right now we were making our way backstage. Alex grinned when he saw me, I smiled back. It looked like Sam was frozen. I grabbed her arm and dragged her with me. Someone’s a little Starstruck.

“Hey Arabelle.” Alex greeted me.

“Hey Alex. This is my friend Sam, you’re bands biggest fan.” I joked

“Hi Sam.” Alex said, I think she stopped breathing completely.

I elbowed her. “Your Alex Gaskarth.” She breathed starring at him. I sighed, he laughed. The other band members came over. “And your Jack Barakat…and your Rian Dawson…and you Zack Merrick!” she cried. I thought she was going t pass out. Well, now I know who is who.

“I love guys.” She sighed, they all grinned.

We all talked for a little bit, Sam calmed down, and I got to know the rest of the band a little better.

“I’m starving! Who wants to get something to eat?” Jack, the bands lead guitarist, shouted.

“Yeah…I’m hungry too. Let’s go out.” Alex added, Rian and Zack agreed.

“You two want to come with us?” Alex asked “Sure, why not.” I said, Sam nodded eagerly.

* * *

I watched Sam pick up a French-fry and whip it at Jack’s head, it hit him in the middle of the forehead.

“Pay back’s a b!tch Barakat!” she grinned.

“Oh, it’s on!” he yelled, then grabbed a handful of french-fries and threw them at her.

“Just remember…you started this!” she shouted back, then grabbed someone’s glass of water and reached across the table, dumping it on him. Everyone gasped, some ended up laughing. The soaking wet Jack smirked then grabbed the bottle of ketchup.

“Oh no…” I breathed, Sam’s eye’s widened. “You wouldn’t.” she growled. He grinned even wider.

All I have to say is: I can’t believe this all started by Jack throwing a chip at Sam.

I heard the squirt from the bottle, and saw the quick stream of red fly out and spray Sam, some hitting me and some getting Zack, who was on the other side of her. It was dead silent.

An angry growl escaped Sam’s throat. Glaring at Jack, she stood up and grabbed me half-eaten salad. She reached over and shoved the salad in Jack’s face. When she pulled away, dressing and lettuce were sticking to his face; the rest of it fell down his chest. He opened his eyes slowly, then stood up.
Next thing I knew, jack threw a burger and it hit Zack instead of Sam. Zack grabbed something and threw that at Jack.
This resulted in an all out war.

Someone grabbed my hand and pulled on it. I turned, it was Alex. He ducked his head fries flying over him. “C’mon.” he laughed, and pulled me out of the booth. Rian saw Alex and I escaping and quickly followed.
We hid, watching Jack, Sam, and Zack all fighting. I had to admit though, it was all pretty entertaining.

Finally, workers at the restaurant seemed to notice, and ran over to our table. Someone attempted to get them to stop, but ended up getting soda in their face. Alex Rian and I all laughed.

“HEY!” another yelled loudly, they all stopped. The same worker continued to yell at them, but in a quieter voice so we couldn’t hear exactly what was going.
The other workers left, but then came back with cleaning supplies.

“Should we go help them?” I asked, trying not to laugh.

Alex and Rian looked at each other. “Nah!” they said, I laughed.

“Come on, let’s go wait for them outside.” Alex suggested.

We walked out and I texted Sam, telling her where we were.

She texted me back this: >:(


I sat with Alex outside the restaurant. Rian went back inside to go see how they were doing with clean up.

“So…” Alex started.

“So…” I smiled.

He chuckled. “I was wondering if…maybe you’d wanna go out with me tomorrow?”

“Hmmm…tomorrow? I kinda have promise to keep…” he gave me a confused look. I laughed.

“Oh…your niece? Right?” he asked with the hint of a smile.

“Yeah…of course, I guess if you wanted you could come with us.” I offered, h shrugged,
“Yeah, sure why not.” He smiled “Okay…then it’s a…date.”

“Yes, it’s a date.” He grinned; I had to smile back.

Jack, Sam, Rian, and Zack all came out at that moment.

“Truce?” Jack asked Sam, holding out his hand to her. She glared at him, but then smiled. “Truce.” She shook his hand.


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