Perfect [9]

Here it is!!!
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Chapter 3


At Home~
The Next Day~

The doorbell rang and I moaned as I got off of the couch. Ever since yesterday, I have been puking up all of the contents in my stomach and I believe it is finally empty...Thank God.

"What?" I moaned as I opened the door and saw Jesse leaning in the doorway.

"How are you feeling today? Any better? Where are your parents?"

"I feel fine, and their in It..." I quickly covered my mouth. I am not puking while he's here! My stomach didn't listen and I ran to the bathroom. Puke rose up my throat and out my mouth.

It looked weird since I had only had water for two days. Suddenly, I felt Jesse grip my hair and hold it away from my face and his other hand gently rubbed my back.

Finally, I stood up, flushed the toilet, and started brushing my teeth. "You're fine? That's fine? Have you called a doctor?" Jesse threw more questions at me. "And where are your parents? Did you sleep at all last night?"

"Enough with the questions!" I yelled and covered my ears.

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