Perfect [9]

Here it is!!!
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Chapter 1

Leaving For A Vacation-

Normal POV~

I woke up and remembered it was Sunday. I got in a light purple dress that went to my knees and had a deep v-neck line. I pulled my white, jean jacket over it and put on my white high tops. "Lyra! Hurry up and get down here!" My mom yelled and I rushed down the stairs to see my mom in her work outfit: pencil skirt and blouse.
"You aren't going to church?" I asked and my dad walked up next to her while fixing his tie. A man walked past them carrying three bags. "Uh...what's going on?" I asked and looked at them in desperation. "Are we going somewhere?" I asked and slightly relaxed...until my mom shook her head.
"Your father and I are going to Italy. You are staying here and doing your daily routines. We will be gone for a couple months-maybe longer. Don't burn down the house. I left about roughly $250 on the counter...that should be sufficiant." She kissed my cheek and walked out the front door. My mouth dropped and my dad just shrugged and walked out the door, shutting it behind him. I stood there, shocked, until I couldn't hear anything except the silence surrounding me.


Today I was asked to be a witness for an exorcism. I was to hold the camera and say all the content I saw was not faked but true. I stood next to the girl getting the exorcism-she was only four. "Um...are you sure she needs exorcized?" I asked and pointed the camera at the parents. "You stay out of our business!" The dad yelled and I cowered back.
The door opened in the back of the chapel and Jesse slowly walked in-holding a couple of ropes. He brought them over and the exorciser started strapping the girl to a table. The dad was holding down the girl and I watched as Jesse just stood next to me. "I know this is the first time you've been to church in....years...but this church has changed and I wouldn't interfere." He mumbled and my mouth fell open as I watched the little girl cry for help and then the priest pulled out a necklace the shape of a pentagram. I gasped and almost dropped the camera.
A few seconds later the door opened again and Lindsay Shatterferd walked in. She walked and stood next to Jesse, who slipped his arm around her waist. I let my eyes remain on the little girl instead of seeing Jesse and Lindsay together. The exorcisor (priest) lifted up a burning piece of paper and burned the little girl multiple times. Tears were slipping down my cheeks and sobs were slowly escaping from my lips. I looked up and Lindsay was hugging Jesse and snickering at me. "Don't interfere," Jesse had said. Screw him. I dropped the camera and shoved the exorciser away from the girl, and started untying her. "Lyra..." I finally untied the girl and turned to him. "Shut the fvck up, Jesse." I said and then he started to yell no but something hit me in the back of the head and I passed out.

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