What Am I? [2]

What Am I? [2]

Here it is!!!

Chapter 1

The Hunter

Dana's POV~

After Work-Roughly 9 PM~

"Dana, it's your turn to close up." Madge said as she walked out of the book store. I smiled to myself, dropped the broom, closed all of the shades, and locked the front door. I closed my eyes and felt a sudden releas and I sighed in comfort. I opened my eyes and my black wing with its companioning white wing were spread out comfortable behind me.
I finished cleaning up the NightLife BookStore and climbed up to the rooftop. The stars were shining brightly and I laid down. I remember when I was younger I had always wanted that night in shinging armor everyone else seemed to have. I came close when I was fourteen, but he turned out to be a retard in tinfoil instead.
Just someone to hold me and accept me as I am. Half angel Half demon...I belong nowhere. Not on Earth, not in Hell, not in Heaven. Dead or alive it will never matter. A tear slipped out of the corner of my eye as I looked up at the beautiful sky. "Where is home?" I whispered.

Draco's Pov~

Roughly 10 PM~

I wached the girl as she sat up on the roof. The moonlight glistened off of tear streaks on her eyes and I looked at her wings. So beautiful it made me sick to my stomach. I pulled the hood on my head, down and shoved my hands in my pockets. I finally decided to take the opportunity and 'nap her right here right now. I took off my hoodie leaving me bare chested. I felt a release and knew my wings had taken form behind me. I took a step then was silently lifted into the air. A feeling a human would never know. I landed behind a large wall and listened to her... is she praying?! What a stupid thing to do. Pray when your Mother is the God. I looked around the wall and she was holding her sides and her body shook with silent sobs. Her thoughts found their way into my mind. Not even death can save me. I don't belong anywhere. Not this; nor that. A horrible empty feeling followed with her thoughts. I growled and closed my eyes. The thoughts quickly subsided. That has never happened to me before; why now? I heard a crack and saw a tall, bulky shape appear next to the girl. The Hunter they warned me of! The girl jumped up and back a few steps. She can't use her wings yet. Woman-in order to use their wings-must be entered into society of their world. She hasn't chosen hers yet. I watched as the Hunter stepped towards her. Move you idiot! If he kills you that means I can't bring you back! The Hunter pulled a larged silver blade out of its holster. She was frozen in fear and I rolled my eyes. The Hunter raised the blade and started bringing it down in a straight line towards her. I pulled one of my blades out of my pocket and threw it at the Hunter. It hit his wrist and he dropped the blade. He looked my way but I disappeared in a black mist after watching him run away and the target girl fall on her butt and look around.

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