The Blood Appeal


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EEEEEPPPP!!!! NEXTIESSS!! Urgh, I hate the people that look down on Spencer :'( he's AWESOME!!! And soooo sweet :) Next!


Chapter 1

The Blood Appeal Part 19

I stopped spencer with my hand.
“No. We cant leave. We have to make sure everyone believes we’re a couple! That’s the whole reason we came here!” I said. Spencer sighed.
“Fine. We’ll do some stupid party stuff, then we’ll leave.” He grumbled. I smiled and grabbed his hand. I lead him to the kissing game section. They were playing a game I had never really seen before. It was like spin the bottle except instead of a kiss you had to make out with the person in front of everyone for 5 minutes. I think this was a new game made by a goody goody girl who got drunk anyway. It was what we needed though. If Spencer and I joined in and sat next to each other then people would believe us. Plus it’s not like the bottle will land on eachother when we roll.
When we joined it was Vick Gimbly’s turn. He was part of the lacrosse team. I went out with him last year. Di. Sas. Ter. He got drunk and nearly r@-ped me on our date. Not the best date of my life.
He spun the brown beer bottle. It spun and spun and spun. It landed on this dude Willy Freeman. They were both impossibly drunk so I had to watch two guys in full on make out session for 5 minutes. For some reason Vick Gimbly is not the most fun person to be around. I then realized how much I hated this.
I thought parties were meant to be fun. Not…this. I wish I left when Spencer asked me to. I guess it’d be okay to ask him. I debated over whether or not to ask if we could go home until Willy Freeman spun the bottled. It stopped just as I was about to say “Spencer can I ask you something?” And unfortunately it landed on…me.
“Come here sugar. Give me some of your sexy azz love!” Willy said. I gulped and walked over to Willy. He pulled me over by my shirt and sat me on his lap. He started making out with me of course, but all I tasted was alcohol and hot sauce. There was a chorus of “oooos” and “Looks like Spencer needs a new girlfriend”s. It made me want to rip Willy’s balls off.
The 5 minutes was finally over and I walked back over to Spencer. He had a blank expression on his face…and a bit of red on his cheeks. I felt myself blush too. I don’t know why.
I got a firm grip on the bottle and spun it as hard as I could. It finally began to slow down. It made it’s way towards the girl next to Spencer. Oh Sh!-t. Please don’t. no. no. no.
Thankfully my prayers were answered. It didn’t land on the girl on the otherside of Spencer. But who it did land on was worse…or better. I wasn’t very sure. But you can easily guess that it was Spencer.
The crowd all “ooo”ed. I smiled bashfully. He blushed a terrible shade of scarlet. He looked around the room until a kid yelled “GET ON WITH IT!”
Finally Spencer leaned into me and placed his hand on my back pulling me towards him. He seemed nervous. Obviously because of the game he automatically went to tongue. He knew as well as I do that we both hate it when people did stuff like this right away. Especially since Spencer hated me. But me…I liked it. It was definitely better than alcohol and hot sauce breath. It was more loving and slow.
The 5 minutes ended way too quickly, leaving me wanting more. Spencer had a small frown, and was blushing even more than before.
“Come on Cass, let’s go.” He said quietly. Did he hate it?
“Nuh huh Spence! You have to spin the bottle!” A girl said. Spencer gulped. He grabbed the bottle and spun it. While it spun he ran out the door with me. We rushed to the car so we weren’t caught leaving the party. We drove silently for a good 5 minutes.
“Spencer…” I wanted to talk to him, but I had so many questions, many weren’t even about the make out scene. I decided to start with the one about what his brother said.
“What did your brother mean by “What happened before”?” I asked. Spencer sighed.
“Do you really want to know?” He asked.
“okay. I’ll tell you.”

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