Canadian Cutie {A JB love story} part 5

hi everybody! i hope you like it. so my calander is a litle whack today...maybe two today! you can tell i love you guys if im SKIPPING THE TEXAS OU GAME!!! gotta cheer for texas yall! im sorry buut what the heck is a sooner? i mean ive heard the story of the sooner and how they got their name but the story just proves their cheaters! if youve heard the story you know what i mean. sorry okkies! ahhh...i love football!

Chapter 1

number one

"OH MY GOD!!! RYAN!!!!" i screamed, running onto his lap. "Oh Carly, i missed you so much!" Ryan said, burying his face in my hair. What are you doing here?" i asked him, still on his lap. "Justin knew Chris would try something like this so he sent me to either kill the fvck out of Beadles or get you to come on tour with us."

SORRY ITS SO SHORT! MORE LATER TODAY!!!! this just seemed like it was a good place to end it...more later....i gotta watch the game! so i just got updated on the game by Ryan and the okkies are winning! NOOOOO!!!!!! i mean, they always win but STILL!!!! im so sad now. i think im actually crying! ill probably be writing one or two more today BY THE WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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