A story about fallen angels, silent boys, best friends, teen mothers, surfers, and finding love when it pushes you away from what you really want.

Chapter 1

Chapter One.

I sighed as I skimmed my eyes down the new term timetable. First period, English. I rolled my eyes and stepped across the courtyard and towards the dullest-looking building in the school.
Familliar-looking students walked in with gloomy looks on their faces, they knew what they were in for. Mr Birch was the most depressing teacher in the whole school, as everybody knew and always would know.
"'Sup, Willow." a girl's voice called.
I looked sideways and smiled. "Hey, Rissa."
She clasped her hands around my neck into a tight hug. "How've you been? How was summer?"
"It was okay," I shrugged. "Spent most of my time babysitting for Laura."
Rissa punched my arm. "Come on, where's your excitement! I met...oh, about seven guys and kissed four of them."
I held my hand up for a high five. "Nice, got a boyfriend, then?"
"Nup, you meet any guys?"
"Well, apart from Ryan, nobody."
"Ooh, who's Ryan?"
I shuffled my feet uncomfortably. "Laura's kid." I said quietly.
"Wow, you need to get out more often." She smiled.

I walked into the building with Rissa at my side. We strode through the doorway and noted the newly-painted walls, a traditon that Birch followed every term. This term, black. Utter and complete black.
"Goth." I muttered under my breath.
Risa snorted and sillently agreed. I glanced over at the blackboard, whiped clean of any previous term discussions. Only a single message remained in the centrer of the board. It said, PICK A SEAT.
"Which seat?" I asked Rissa.
She shrugged and walked to the nearest seat in the front row. The whole room was filled with chatter, passing notes and sitting on the back of chairs. I wandered to the back of the class as most of the kids hadn't done. I chose a seat in the back row and settled my pencil case on the top of the desk.
The class heard the door shut loudly and the footsteps of a tall male. He was here. "Okay, quiet down, take a seat and shut up." he snapped.
The class obeyed and took their seats. "Hey, Mr Birch." the room chimed.
"Yeah, yeah. Forget about that 'good moring' crap. Get your books out and write this down." A shuffle of movemnet burst throughout the building. "First person writing is...ah, Mr Prae, late again. Take a seat next to...Miss Larkins."
My head shot up at the sound of my name. He was tall, taller than anyone in the room. His mouth was angelicly parted to create a heavenly grin. His hair was slightly damp and his eyes...his eyes were indescribable. They were deep, dark, mysterious...

I suddenly remembered that I was staring, I was sure I wasn't the only one, too. As he walked down the corridor of desks towards mine, flirty smiles from all the girls and jaw clenches from jealous boys shot my way at the boy now sitting beside me.
Rissa turned around and pointed to her fourth finger. I rolled my eyes and shook my head, She raised her eyebrows and hesitantly returned her attention to Birch.
"So, are you Willow?" I heard a voice hum.
I twisted my head around. "Um...yeah."
"That's a weird name."
My heart sank to a lower level. "Probably less weird than yours."
He grinned. "You'd be wrong. It's Heff."
"Yeah, so less weird or not?"
"Do you care about my opinion?"
"Save it, then."
Mr Birch continued talking with us chatting in the back row. "You, know, you're hot when you pretend to hate me."
"Who says I was pretending?"
He smirked. "Well played. You should call me sometime."
"Give me a call. You've got nice legs, you're not snooty...I'm serious, call me."
"No thanks." I started writing down notes from off the board.
"Why? Got a boyfriend?"
"Can you stop talking to me, please."
"No can do, sweetie."
"Since when has my name been changed to 'sweetie'?" I snapped.
"Since now. So, got a boyfriend?"
"Will you shut up if I answer?"
I sighed. "Fine, I...don't. Why do you care, anyway?"
"I'm accustomed for the lady to be single before she goes out with me."
"I'm not going out with you, not ever."
"We'll see." he murmured.

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