Just Another Love... between a TEACHER & a STUDENT?!? part 11 (READ INTRO).

OMG! I am sooo happpy! Finally, all of us story writers can post our stories!
Well, here is the next part of this ever-crazy story of mine :3
I hope you like it! Lol, you guys left off at the part were Liz found out that Mr. Jackson knows that Naz&her like him. I don't think I'll make Naz&Dmitri a couple n e more.. What do you think?
''pues'', I hope you enjoy!!

''It's 11:11, make a wish...''



Chapter 1

Confession../Naz POV/part 79

I ran up the stairs to my room and changed off into some dry clothing. As I rushed down the stairs to check if Liz was alright, I tripped on my pant leg and tumble down the stairs, heading strait for the door. I smack my head against it, letting out a loud groan. The door bell rang at the same moment. I slowly got up, rubbing the sides of my head, and opened the door to see who it was.
Great, it was Dmitri. I gave another groan and let him in.
Dmitri: What's wrong? You look in pain.
The cringe on my face gave it away.
Naz: (rubbing head) I fell down the stair well and collided with the door. Very... ''pleasant''.
Dmitri made this ADORABLE pouty face.
Dmitri: Poor thing! Here, a hug would make it all better!
He took me into his arms, rocking me back'n'forth like a baby. I began blushing.
Naz: I know this is sweet and all, but I'm not a kid! Besides, come inside, people will start noticing us.
Dmitri let go of me and walked in as I closed the door. He led himself to the living room, I followed behind him.
Liz was still laying on her back, mumbling.
Dmitri took a seat on the couch opposite to Lizette.
Naz: Liz! Get up! You can feel embarrassed at your own house! I need you to help me prep for the party.
Liz: (mumbles) M'okay..
She slowly got up and saw Dmitri.
Liz: Hey YOU! Why you here?
Dmitri: I could ask you the SAME thing.
Liz: I practically live here!
She blew him a raspberry and went into the kitchen. I heard her rumage through the fridge. I sat down next to Dmirti
Naz: Such a ''fatty panda''.. Knows were ALL my snacks are.
Dmitri gave a small laugh followed by a sigh.
Naz: Really though, what brings you to my house?
Dmitri brought up a small purse. I felt my face flush red. That purse had the most secretive thing in my life... "The Liz&Naz Crush Notebook". And three-fourths of the book was JUST Dmitri...

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