Love, such a silly game we play (Draco Malfoy story) part 2

ts a bit shor, but yea i already have idea for the next 5 stories but you have to read it to find out :)

Chapter 1

dinner with malfoys

by: kinewnew
I turned around to see Malfoy “what do want?” I asked aggravated.” Mother wants you to get ready for supper and make sure you look decent. That means make up and dress, okay? You should be able to find something that would meet our standards in the closet and mother also thinks it would be nice if escorted you there. He said sneering. Oh great escorted by Malfoy. “Alright, bye,” I said walking to the door. He stopped me from shutting it “Smith, I mean Adriana I really am sorry for what happened earlier. “He said with enough sincerity to make me believe him and walked away. That was the second time he called me Adriana. I walked into the closet and was in heaven. There were super elegant dress all around and heels. There was also a makeup counter in the closet. I officially love this room. I settled on a black firm fitting knee length dress, the silver necklace my mom gave me before dying, and silver heels. I pinned my hair up in a messy bun with a side bang. I don’t really like makeup but if it would make Narcissa happy I put on clear lip gloss with a bit of eyeliner. “Smith are you ready?” I heard Malfoy ask from the door. “Yea, be right there,” I called. I took in a deep breath and opened the door. My mouth dropped, he was wearing a tux and I’ll admit he looked pretty attractive. “Wow smith, you look very beautiful.” He said definitely not something I expected from Malfoy. “As do you, “I said as I looped my arm through his. We walked down the stairs, to 3 sets of eyes on us, I blushed a little. “Oh you guys look absolutely lovely together.” Narcissa said. There we go again with the me and Malfoy as a couple thing. It is not going to work ever though I didn’t say that instead I said “thank you.” I walked over to my father, he was teary eyed. “You are truly beautiful Adree.” He said embracing me. “Thank you dad, but its only dinner. Save the waterworks for my wedding.” I said into his shoulder. I walk back up to the Malfoys. “So ... Narcissa where we be eating dinner.” I asked. “In the grand ballroom.” She replied. I followed her out of the family room and into the ballroom. It was as elegant as I thought it would be. We took our seats; I was sitting by my dad and sadly Draco. “So Draco what are your plans for the future.” Mr. Malfoy asked, as the house elves bring out dessert. “Father, you already know my plans, seeing to as you planned them for me. Without asking if I was okay with them at all, which I am not.” Draco said, getting angry. “Mr. Malfoy looked as though he had a huge blow to the face. I looked back at Draco and can see that he regretted his words. My father and Narcissa stood and beckoned for me to leave with them. I walked back upstairs without a glance back. As I entered my room I heard yelling coming from downstairs, and a loud thud. A half an hour passed and I haven’t heard Malfoy come back upstairs. Getting suspicious I walked downstairs only to see an unconscious Draco with a black eye. I tried to drag upstairs; I stopped at my room as he was getting to heavy for me to pull anymore. “Ginger” I called. She was there that instant. “Yes Adriana,” she said. “Can you help me get Draco on the bed and get me an ice pack?” I asked her. “Of, course.” Ginger said helping me lift Malfoy. I sat next to him as she went to go get the ice pack. “Ginger got the pack of ice for you Adriana.” She said appearing again. I nodded my thanks and she bowed and left. I put the ice back on the bed. I heard malfoy snore. Gosh where am I going to sleep now, the bed was fairly big. So I lied down on the end that was far away from Malfoy as possible. “Where am I?” malfoy started to stir 10 minutes later.

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but the next chapter will be called night with malfoy(even shorter than this one)
chaoter 4 just a game (i promise the next ones will be longer)
chapter 5 escaping
chapter 6 day alone
chapter 7 recognizig feelings


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